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FUW Tag Team Title ( 2010 - 2014/03 )
NWA Florida Tag Team Title ( 2014/03 -   )
(as of 2014/09/26)

Highwaymen: Butch Long & Marc Mandrake 2010/10<
Heartbreak Express: Phil Davis & Sean Davis2010/10/05Largo, FL
NVUS: Dakota Darsow & Kennedy Kendrick 2010/11
Heartbreak Express [2] 2011/03/15<
Sometime after 11/01/11.
NVUS [2]2011/04/05Largo, FL
Defeat Heartbreak Express and James Boys: Luke James & Rich James in 3-way match; vacant in 11/05.
1st Degree: D'Lo Jordan & Wayne Wonder2011/05/31Largo, FL
Defeat Heartbreak Express: Phil Davis & Sean Davis, James Boys: Luke James & Rich James, and Latin Assassins: Gus Money & Mike Cruz in 4-way match.
NVUS: Kennedy Kendrick & Shawn Spears2011/06/28Largo, FL
Hunks In Trunks: Nick Fame & Ryan Sorensen2011/07/19Largo, FL
Defeat NVUS: Kendrick & Dakota Darsow and Pain Management: Biff Slater & Ralph Mosca in 3-way match.
James Boys: Luke James & Rich James 2011/10/14<
Sometime after 11/07/13.
Expendables: Eddie Taurus & Romeo Razel2011/12/30Largo, FL
Eddie Taurus & Romeo Razel 2012/01
James Boys [2]2012/02/21Largo, FL
Defeat Razel & Maxwell Chicago (subbing for Taurus).
J.D. Maverick & Kennedy Kendrick2012/03/27Largo, FL
James Boys [3]2012/05/12New Port Richey, FL
1st Degree [2]2012/07/17Largo, FL
Donny Fuggedaboudit & Johnny Fuggedaboudit2012/08/21Largo, FL
James Boys [4]2012/09/08New Port Richey, FL
State Line: Damien Angel & Eddie Taures 2012/10/12Largo, FL
Rule Britania: Andreas Rossi & Tommy Taylor 2013/03/30 Tampa, FL
James Alexander & J.D. Maverick 2013/06/29 Tampa, FL
Defeat Rossi & Bucky (subbing for Taylor).
Deimos & Kennedy Kendrick 2014/01/25 Tampa, FL
Defeat Alexander & Maverick, Aaron Solo & Jon Davis, and Jeff Boom & Mitch Mitchell in 4-way match; billed as NWA Florida Title after 14/03.
Generation Genesis: Jeff Boom & Mitch Mitchell 2014/04/11 St. Petersburg, FL
FUW renamed NWA Signature Pro in 14/06.
Team Lucha: Eddie Cruz & Jay Rios 2014/09/26 Tampa, FL

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