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Florida Championship Wrestling
Florida Tag Team Title

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Puerto Rican Nightmares: Eric Perez & Eddie Colon 2008/02/23New Port Richey, FL
Defeat Heath Miller & Steve Lewington in a tournament final to become the first champions.
Nic Nemeth & Brad Allen2008/03/23New Port Richey, FL
Puerto Rican Nightmares [2]2008/04/15New Port Richey, FL
Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders2008/05/06New Port Richey, FL
Nic Nemeth & Gavin Spears 2008/08/17 Tampa, FL
Sebastian Slater (Heath Miller) & Joe Hennig 2008/09/11 Tampa, FL
Slater wins the title as Miller.
D.H. Smith & T.J. Wilson 2008/10/30 Tampa, FL
Tyler Reks & Johnny Curtis 2008/12/11 Tampa, FL
Caylen Croft & Trent Baretta 2009/04/30 Tampa, FL
Justin Angel & Kris Logan 2009/07/23 Tampa, FL
Bo Rotundo & Duke Rotundo (Husky Harris) 2009/07/23 Tampa, FL
Dude Busters: Caylen Croft, Trent Baretta, & Curt Hawkins 2009/11/19 Tampa, FL
Croft & Hawkins defeat the Rotundos.
Fortunate Sons: Joe Hennig & Brett DiBiase 2010/01/14 Tampa, FL
Defeat Croft & Barreta.
Jimmy Uso & Jules Uso 2010/03/13 Crystal River, FL
Los Aviadores: Epico & Hunico 2010/06/03 Tampa, FL
Kaval & Michael McGillicutty 2010/07/15 Tampa, FL
Los Aviadores [2] 2010/07/16 Sebring, FL
Derrick Bateman & Johnny Curtis 2010/08/12 Tampa, FL
Wes Brisco & Xavier Woods 2010/11/04 Tampa, FL
Stripped on 10/12/02 due to Brisco's injury.
Damien Sandow & Titus O'Neill 2010/12/03 Plant City, FL
Defeat Xavier Woods & Mason Ryan.
Richie Steamboat & Seth Rollins (Tyler Black) 2011/03/25 Miami, FL
Calvin Raines & Big E. Langston 2011/05/12 Tampa, FL
C.J. Parker & Donnie Marlow 2011/07/21 Tampa, FL
Brad Maddox & Briley Pierce 2011/11/03 Tampa, FL
Vacant on 12/02/02 due to Pierce's injury.
Bo Rotundo & Husky Harris [2] 2012/02/02 Tampa, FL
Defeat Brad Maddox & Eli Cottonwood.
Corey Graves & Jake Carter 2012/03/15 Tampa, FL
Leakee (Joe Anoa'i) & Mike Dalton 2012/06/15 Palatka, FL
C.J. Parker & Jason Jordan 2012/07/13 Punta Gorda, FL
Rick Victor & Brad Maddox 2012/07/28 Melbourne, FL

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