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Last updated on 2015/01/23

NWA Pacific Coast Heavyweight Title
[British Columbia]

Mark Lewin1970/02/09Vancouver, BC
Defeats Moondog Lonnie Mayne.
Gene Kiniski1970/04/13Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan1970/06/22Vancouver, BC
Bob Brown 1970/11/12 Tacoma, WA
Don Leo Jonathan [2]1970/12/07Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski [2]1970/12/28Vancouver, BC
Steven Little Bear1971/07/19Vancouver, BC
Bob Brown [2]1971/09/20Vancouver, BC
Mark Lewin [2]1972/01/17Vancouver, BC
Bob Brown [3]1972/02/07Vancouver, BC
Steven Little Bear [2]1972/05/29Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski [3]1972/06/26Vancouver, BC
The Brute (Bugsy McGraw) 1973/03/29Vancouver, BC
Sean Regan1973/04/23Vancouver, BC
Mike Webster1973/06/15Vancouver, BC
The Brute [2]1973/08/06Vancouver, BC
Flash Gordon (George Gordienko) 1974/02/14Victoria, BC
Mr. X (Guy Michell) 1974/04/01Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski [4]1974/10/14Vancouver, BC
Mr. X has to unmask and is revealed to be Guy Mitchell.
Guy Michell [2]1975/01/20Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan [3]1975/04/21Vancouver, BC
Siegfried Steinke1975/05/05Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski [5]1975/08/10
Don Leo Jonathan [4]1976/01/05Vancouver, BC
Kinji Shibuya1976/03/08Vancouver, BC
John Tolos1976/07/12Vancouver, BC
John Quinn1976/08/09Vancouver, BC
Don Leo Jonathan [5]1976/12/13Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski [6]1977/01/10Vancouver, BC
May be vacant in 77/03<
Guy Michell [3]1977/03/14Vancouver, BC
May be a decision match for the vacant title.
Mike Sharpe1977/06/27Vancouver, BC
Mr. X (Guy Michell) [4] 1977/08/22Vancouver, BC
Don Wayt1977/12/12Vancouver, BC
John Quinn [2]1978/02/13Vancouver, BC
Gene Kiniski [7]1978/05/15Vancouver, BC
Salvatore Martino (Salvatore Bellomo) 1979/03/29
Jean Louie1979/05/14Vancouver, BC
Yaki Joe1979/07/23Vancouver, BC
Siegfried Steinke [2]1979/09/24Victoria, BC
Buddy Rose1980/01
Jay Youngblood1981/02/09Vancouver, BC
Vacant in 81/03.

* Replaced with NWA Canadian Heavyweight Title.