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Last updated on 2014/11/04

British Empire Heavyweight Title
[New Zealand]

Dominion Wrestling Union ( 1929 - 1953 )
All Star Pro Wrestling ( 1968 - 1980s )

George Walker 1929  
Claims title in New Zealand on arrival.
Earl McCready 1935  
Recognized after Walker leaves the Dominion to join a rival organization; defeats Walker on 37/11/09 in Wellington after Walker returns to Dominion.
John Katan1940/07/08Wellington
Lofty Blomfield1940/08/07Wellington
John Katan [2]1940/09/09Auckland
Earl McCready [2]1940/09/24Dunedin
Defends title until 53; inactive.
George Gordienko1968
John DaSilva1968/03/18Auckland
Gordon Nelson1968
John DaSilva [2]1968/09/26Wellington
Robert Bruce1972/03/02Upper Hutt
John DaSilva [3]1973/09/16New Plymouth
Abdullah the Butcher 1974/03/12  
John DaSilva [4] 1974  
Bulldog Brower 1974  
John DaSilva [5] 1974/11/24 Auckland
Robert Bruce [2] 1975  
John DaSilva [6] 1976  
Don Muraco 1977  
King Curtis Iaukea 1977  
Rick Martel1977/05/26Auckland
Ali Vaziri (Iron Sheik) 1977
Tommy Seigler1977
Les Thornton1978/01
May have won the vacant title after Seigler leaves the country in 78.
Chris Markoff1978
Ron Miller1978
Jack Claybourne [2]1978/04AUS
Toru Tanaka1978/06/13Christchurch
Steve Rickard1978/06/22Auckland
Toru Tanaka [2]1978/07/20Auckland
Steve Rickard [2]1978/08/17Auckland
Mad Dog Martin1978/09/28Auckland
Leo Burke1979
Vacant due to injury.
Rick Martel [2]1979/03/19Auckland
Defeats Mad Dog Martin.
Ripper Collins1979/05/28Auckland
Peter Maivia [2]1979/08/20Auckland
Mr. Fuji1979/09/03Auckland
Rick Martel [3]
Vacant when Martel leaves NEW ZEALAND.
Ron Miller [2]1980/05AUS
Wins tournament.
Larry O'Day1980/07/14Auckland
Ron Miller1980/07/28Auckland
Steve Rickard [3]1980/10/29Auckland
Jos LeDuc1981/04/23Auckland
Mark Lewin1981/04/30Auckland
Jos LeDuc [2] 1981/07/07Christchurch
Steve Rickard [4]1981/08/13Christchurch
Butcher Brannigan1981/09/17Auckland
Steve Rickard [5]1981/09/24Auckland
Baron Karl Von Krupp1982/06/03Auckland
Steve Rickard [6]1982/07/01Auckland
Ox Baker1982/09/09Auckland
Al Perez1982/09
King Kamata (Tor Kamata) 1982/10/07Auckland
Al Perez [2]1982/10Auckland
Pat O'Connor [2]1982/11/04Auckland
Butcher Brannigan [2]1983
Rick Rickard1983
Larry O'Day [2]1983
Steve Rickard [7]1983
Zar Mongol1983
Steve Rickard [8]1983
Siva Afi1990/07/13Auckland
Defeats Canadian Stockman in tournament final.