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Last updated on 2012/06/25

British Empire/Commonwealth Heavyweight Title

Scotty McDougall1929/07/20Newcastle, AUS
Billy Meeske1931
Douglas Clark1936<
Tom Lurich1936/05/30Sydney, AUS
George Pencheff 1937/07/22<
Alan Muir 1938/02/24<
Holds both British and British Empire Titles as of 38/02/24.
Earl McCready 1938/08/23<
George Clark vs George Pencheff on 38/12/13 in Castleford, GBR (champion unknown).
Bill Verna
Geoff Portz1959Newcastle
Vic Stewart
Ray Hunter
Alan Garfield
Ray Hunter [2]
Don Steadman1964/03/04London
Ray Hunter [3]1964/10/14London
Laurie Boyd *
Count Bartelli1969AUS *
George Gordienko1971<
Albert Wall1972/01/08Hanley
Count Bartelli [2]1972/09/02Hanley
Hans Streiger1981Liverpool
Count Bartelli [3]1981
Title retired on 86/01/18 when Bartelli retires.

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