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Last updated on 2016/07/30

British Empire Heavyweight Title
[United States]

* Canada version was also defended in the northern U.S.

Tom Alley 1932/11/09<  
Billed as champion in San Antonio, TX; previously recognized in New Zealand.

Lofty Blomfield 1937/11/26<
Billed as champion in California; still champion as of 38/07/03.

Jim Londos 1937/12/15 St. Louis, MO
Defeats title claimant Johannes Van Der Walt; has claimed the title in Pennsylvania as early as 37/11, billed as having defeated Van Der Walt in Johannesburg, RSA earlier in the year; still claims the title in Pennsylvania in 38/01.

Fred Atkins 1949/03/03 Toronto, ON
Wins the Canada version from Whipper Billy Watson; loses back to Watson on 49/08/02 in Toronto, ON but continues to be billed as champion in Upstate New York as late as 50/02/25.
Jack Wentworth 1952/01/08<  
Billed as champion in Sandusky, OH; still champion as of 52/05/13.
Pat O'Connor 1953/09/05<
Claims the title in Upstate New York, Ohio, Massachussetts, etc. as late as 55/11/01.

Lord James Blears 1951/07/17<
Claims the British Empire title throughout the 50s in Upstate New York, Northern and Southern California, Idaho, Alaksa, and possibly other states; last mentioned as champion on 59/01/03 in Fairbanks, AK.

Lord Leslie Carlton 1951/09/22<
Claims the title in Los Angeles, CA and later in Pennsylvania and Delaware; said to have claimed the title for "past eight years", according to a Hanover, PA paper on 52/05/24.
Lou Newman 1955/05/28<
Billed as champion in Maryland and Delaware.

Don Curtis 1956 NZL *
Billed as champion in Amarillo, TX; still champion as of 57/05/20.

Dave Jons 1956/07/23<
Billed as champion in Hammond, IN.

Gene Kiniski 1958/01/16<
Billed as champion in Indianapolis, IN; still champion in Indianapolis, IN as of 58/02/23; still/again champion in White Plains, NY as of 64/10/08.

Stan Vachon 1968/05/28<
Billed as champion in Dallas, TX.
Lord Charles Montague 1970/08/07<
Billed as champion in Waxahachie, TX.

Chris Adams 1981/08/23<
Billed as champion in San Bernardino, CA.