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Last updated on 2017/01/14

Iowa Tag Team Title

Joe Dusek & Emil Dusek 1949/05<
Billed as Nebraska/Iowa champions.
Earl Wampler & Ken Fenelon 1949/05/06 Council Bluffs, IA
Joe Dusek & Emil Dusek [2] 1952/11/26<
Billed as Nebraska/Iowa champions.
Ernie Dusek & Emil Dusek 1953/03/06<
Billed as Nebraska/Iowa champions.
Ernie Dusek & Emil Dusek [2] 1958/01/04<
Billed in Omaha, NE as Nebraska/Iowa Title as late as 58/11/22; also billed as Midwest Title.

Bob Brown & Ripper Jack Daniels 1968/02/04Dubuque, IA
Defeat Eddie Sharkey & Bobby Shane; have previously defeated Sharkey & Shane on 68/01/21 in Dubuque, IA but are not awarded the title due to the injury suffered by Sharkey, who drops out after the first fall.
Ron Etchison & Bobby Shane 1968/02/18Dubuque, IA
Vacant in 68/09 when Shane leaves the area.
Stan Kowalski & Ripper Jack Daniels 1968/09/22 Cedar Rapids, IA
Defeat Ron Etchison & Reuben Lopez.
Pat O'Connor & Sonny Myers 1968/10/05 Waterloo, IA
Pat O'Connor & Ron Etchison 1969/01  
Myers retires and replaced by Etchison; still champions as of 69/07/17.