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Last updated on 2017/09/07

NWA Hawaii Tag Team Title

Bobby Bruns & Lucky Simunovich1952/06/09Honolulu, HI
Defeat Bud Curtis & Red Scorpion in tournament final to become the first champions; vacant in 52/10 for not defending title.
Tom Rice & Al Kashey1953/03/01Honolulu, HI
Defeat Bobby Bruns & Rikidozan in tournament final.
Bobby Bruns & Bobby Managoff1953/04/05Honolulu, HI
Bud Curtis & Tommy O'Toole1953/09/27Honolulu, HI
Defeat Bruns & Jack Witzig; vacant in 53/12<.
Bobby Bruns & Luther Lindsay1954/01/10Honolulu, HI
Defeat Al Lovelock & Frank Valois in tournament final; vacant after Lindsay returns to the mainland in 54/03.
Bobby Bruns & John Paul Henning 1954/06/20 Honolulu, HI
Defeat Jungle Boy & Ed Gardenia.
Lou Newman & Hans Schnabel1954/10/10Honolulu, HI
Roger Mackay & Don Beitleman1954/11/28Honolulu, HI
Bobby Bruns & Lucky Simunovich [2]1955/02/20Honolulu, HI
Rikidozan & Azumafuji1955/04/17Honolulu, HI
Vacant on 55/05/08 when Rikidozan suspended for unmasking Zebra Kid (George Bollas).
Johnny Barend & Sandor Kovacs 1955/11/13 Honolulu, HI
Defeat George Bollas & Tony Vagnone.
Lord James Blears & Gene Kiniski1955/12/04Honolulu, HI
Great Togo & Tosh Togo (Harold Sakata)1956/04/29Honolulu, HI
Billy Varga & Sam Steamboat1956/08/05Honolulu, HI
Defeat Tosh Togo & Tony Gardenia; vacant in 57.
Lord Athol Layton & Tom Rice1957/04/28Honolulu, HI
Defeat Al Lolotai & Lucky Simunovich; still champions as of 57/07/07; vacant in 57.
Tom Rice & George Bollas 1958/03/16<
Tiny Mills & Stan Kowalski 1958/09/28<  
Lord James Blears & Joe Blanchard1958/11/02Honolulu, HI
Kowalski & Mills are again billed as champion in Japan and lost to Rikidozan & Koukichi Endoh on 59/01/10 in Utsunomiya, JPN; Blears & Blanchard defeat Rikidozan and Endoh on 59/04/15 in Honolulu, HI; vacant in 60/01.
Hard Boild Haggerty & Bill Savage1960/01/27Honolulu, HI
Defeat Lord James Blears & Jerry Gordet.
Lord James Blears & Herb Freeman1960/03/09Honolulu, HI
Hard Boild Haggerty & Butcher Vachon1960/04/13Honolulu, HI
Nick Kozak & Jerry Gordet1960/05/11Honolulu, HI
Lou Newman & Hans Schnabel [2] 1960/08/17Honolulu, HI
Utica Panther & Bill Wright1960/09/28Honolulu, HI
Lou Newman & Tom Rice1960/11/02Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava & Billy White Wolf1961/06/28Honolulu, HI
Defeat Newman & Ted Travis when Rice leaves the area.
Lou Newman & Ted Travis1961/07/19Honolulu, HI
Lord James Blears & Neff Maiava1961/11/09Honolulu, HI
Lou Newman & Ted Travis [2]1961/11/09Honolulu, HI
Lord James Blears & Neff Maiava [2]1961/11/22Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea & Tosh Togo1962/09/12Honolulu, HI
Lord James Blears & Neff Maiava [3]1963/02/15Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea & Cowboy Cassidy1963/08/01Honolulu, HI
Robert Duranton & Shag Thomas1964/05/13Honolulu, HI
Mr. Moto & Nikita Mulkovich1964/07/17Honolulu, HI
Lord James Blears & Neff Maiava [4]1964/07/29Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea & Mr. Fujiwara1965/01/07Honolulu, HI
Alberto Torres & Enrique Torres1965/05/28Honolulu, HI
Luther Lindsay & Bearcat Wright1965/07/28Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins & Johnny Barend1966/01/04Honolulu, HI
Neff Maiava & Pempero Firpo1966/11/02Honolulu, HI
Johnny Barend & Hans Mortier1967/02/01Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea & Ripper Collins1967/05/03Honolulu, HI
Johnny Barend & Jim Hady1967/07/25Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins & Johnny Barend [2]1967/12/27Honolulu, HI
Barned and Hady split; title is listed as vacant in Hawaii Wrestling Review.
Jim Hady & Missing Link (Pampero Firpo)1968/02/21Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea & Ripper Collins [2]1968/03/15Honolulu, HI
Jim Hady & Peter Maivia1968/05/22Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea & Ripper Collins [3]1968/06/04Honolulu, HI
Peter Maivia & Billy White Wolf1968/06/26Honolulu, HI
Johnny Barend & Magnificent Maurice1968/07/17Honolulu, HI
Jim Hady & Billy White Wolf1968/10/16Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins & Luke Graham1968/11/06Honolulu, HI
Nick Bockwinkel & Bobby Shane1969/03/12Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins & Buddy Austin1969/04/16Honolulu, HI
Pedro Morales & Ed Francis1969/08/13Honolulu, HI
Kurt Von Steiger & Karl Von Steiger1969/09/10Honolulu, HI
Curtis Iaukea & Ripper Collins [4]1969/10/22Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins & Johnny Barend [3] 1969/12/10<  
Barend most likely replaces Iaukea sometime after 69/11/12.
Pedro Morales & Hahn Lee1970/03/04Honolulu, HI
Bill Robinson & Johnny Barend1970/07/01Honolulu, HI
Bill Robinson & Ed Francis1970/10/28Honolulu, HI
Defeat Barend & Ripper Collins.
Ripper Collins & Mad Dog Mayne1971/02/27Honolulu, HI
Suni War Cloud & Steven Little Bear1971/06/16Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins & Mad Dog Mayne [2]1971/06/26Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat & Bearcat Wright1971/07/21Honolulu, HI
Sweet Daddy Siki & Mad Dog Mayne1971/10/09Honolulu, HI
Sam Steamboat & Johnny Barend 1972/03/11 Honolulu, HI
Most likely vacant after Barend wins North American Heavyweight Title on 72/03/22 or is injured in 72/10.
Sam Steamboat & Peter Maivia 1973/07/25 Honolulu, HI
Defeat Ripper Collins & Ed Francis (Collins & Francis may be the champions entering this match).
Ripper Collins & Johnny Valentine1973/11/28Honolulu, HI
Title inactive.
Sam Steamboat & Billy White Wolf 1977/07/13 Pearl Harbor, HI
Defeat Steve Strong & Gorilla Lawler; or White Wolf & Bill Francis win the title.
Steve Strong & Jesse Ventura 1977/07/27Pearl Harbor, HI
Defeat Sam Steamboat & White Wolf.
John Tolos & Bill Francis 1977/11  
Steve Strong & Ivan Markoff (Chris Markoff) 1978/01/25 Pearl Harbor, HI
Russ Francis & Bill Francis1978/04/26Honolulu, HI
John Studd & Buddy Rose1978/05/17Honolulu, HI
Steve Strong & John Tolos1978/06/14Honolulu, HI
Mr. Fuji & Karl Von Steiger1978/08/16Honolulu, HI
Mando Guerrero & Tama Samoa 1978/12/06 Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins & Whipper Watson Jr. 1978/12/20 Honolulu, HI
Mando Guerrero & Tama Samoa [2] 1979/02/21<  
Ripper Collins & Whipper Watson Jr. [2] 1979/03/07<  
Sometime after 79/02/21.
Tama Samoa & Ati Tago 1979/04<  
Possibly on 79/03/14 or 79/03/28 in Honolulu, HI; may be vacant when Samoa & Tago leave the area in 79/04 or 79/05; Samoa & Tago are still/again champions as of 79/11/14 as late as 80/01/23; vacant in 80/02.
Bruce Hart & Keith Hart 1980/02/20 Pearl Harbor, HI
Win a 4-team tournament.
Tama Tonga & Siva Afi 1980/03/19 Honolulu, HI
Ripper Collins & Super Samoan Sakalia defeat Tonga & Afi on 80/09/24 in Pearl Harbor, HI to become the first Polynesian Pacific champions.

* Replaced with NWA Polynesian Pacific Tag Team Title.

Akua & Kaimana2000/10/27Kalihi, HI
Team Titan2001/03/17Kaneohe, HI
East Coast Connection: Joe Wolfen & Sick Dog 2001/06/02Kaneohe, HI
Men of Steele2001/10/06Kaneohe, HI
Tiki & Bruiser2002/02/03Honolulu, HI
East Coast Connection [2]2002/04/06Kaneohe, HI
Tiki & Bruiser [2]2002/09/21Waikiki, HI
East Coast Connection [3]2002/09/22Waikiki, HI
Stripped on 03/05/22 when the team splits.
The Hawaiian Power Company: Tiki & Kapu 2003/05/31Honolulu, HI
Defeat the Iraqi Regime: Al-Ahmed Mohammed & Dumas Shiite.
Iraqi Regime: Al-Ahmed Mohammed & Dumas Shiite 2003/11/17Honolulu, HI
808 Reckin Kru: Big Daddy Frank & Biggie Mack 2004/12/18Kaneohe, HI
J.T. Wolfen & Kaimana2005/04/23Honolulu, HI
Kris Kavanaugh & Cholo2005/07/04Pearl Harbor, HI
Defeat Kaimana & Kaniala, subbing for Wolfen.
J.T. Wolfen & Kaimana [2]2005/08/06Wahiawa, HI
The Nightmarchers: Ahuna & Kaniala 2005/11/18Honolulu, HI
Defeat Wolfen & J Lo, subbing for Kaimana; also hold HCW Kekaulike Heritage Title; officially unified on 06/05/19; vacate on 06/07/08.
939 Connection: Ricky Thunder & Jody Lopez 2006/07/29 Wahiawa, HI
Defeat Hawaiian Blood: Kaimana & Kaniala in 6-team one-night tournament final; stripped of the HCW title on 06/09/23 after NWA Hawaii and HCW split but contiued to be recognized as champions by NWA Hawaii; stripped on 07/03/31 due to Thunder's injuries.
Kruise Kontrol 2008/08/28
Still champions as of 08/11/10.