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Last updated on 2016/05/19

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(Tarzan Lopez)
Gus Kallio

National Wrestling Association ( 1930 - 1960s? )
National Wrestling Alliance ( 1952 - 2010 )

Edwin Bibby 1886/06/28 Cincinnati, OH
Defeats James Faulkner, billed as English champion, to become the World Catch-as-Catch-Can champion.
Dan McLeod 1889/01/17 Cleveland, OH
Defeats Ed Atherton; still/again champion as of 1902/09/12.
Ed Atherton 1902/10/14<
Fred Barth 1903/02/18 Kittaning, PA
Frank Lewis * 1903
Ed Atherton [2] 1904/01<
Walter Willoughby 1904/01/18 Buffalo, NY
Fred Barth [2] 1904  
Ed Atherton [3] 1904/05/30 Elmira, NY
Walter Willoughby [2] 1909/04/12 Milwaukee, WI
Henry Gehring 1910/12/28 Cleveland, OH
Has been claiming the title since 09/04/28, defeating Charlie Conkle in Cleveland, OH; defeats Chris Jordan on 10/03/15 in Cleveland, OH; defeats Willoughby on 10/12/28 to become the strongest claimant.
Mike Yokel 1913/02/05 Salt Lake City, UT
Has claimed the title as early as 11/01/26; also defeats another title claimant Walter Miller on 13/02/10 in Duluth, MN and Police Gazette title claimant Joe Turner in 13; Turner still claims the title until losing it in 16 to Paul Bowser, who defends title for 6 years before abandoning it.
Chris Jordan 1913/07/25 Salt Lake City, UT
Mike Yokel [2] 1913/10/27 Salt Lake City, UT
Elmer "Pet" Brown 1914/05/08 Taylor, TX
Walter Miller 1916/04/24 Billings, MT
Has claimed the title in Portland, OR as early as 16/02/05; also defeats a claimant Ted Thye on 17/05/01 in San Francisco, CA; Brown still claims the title as of 16/11/24; Miller also defeats title claimant Mike Yokel in Los Angeles, CA on 18/12/05.
Ted Thye 1919/06/04 Portland, OR
Also defeats title claimant Charles Rentrop on 20/02/24 in Spokane, WA
Walter Miller [2] 1921/05/27 Los Angeles, CA
Johnny Meyers 1922/08/03 Los Angeles, CA
Has claimed the title as early as 18/03/21; also has defeated title claimant Ben Reuben on 18/04/19 in Chicago, IL; also defeates title claimant Chris Jordan on 23/12/11 in Chicago, IL; Miller continues to claim the title as late as 25/10/20 but is mentioned as a former champion as of 26/08.
Joe Parelli 1924/03/25 Milwaukee, WI
Lou Talaber 1924/09/23 Salt Lake City, UT
Johnny Meyers [2] 1925/04/15 Chicago, IL
Recognition withdrawn in Illinois on 28/06/28 for not being able to make the 160lb weight limit; Meyers continues to claim the title.
Gus Kallio 1928/08/07 Chicago, IL
Defeats Charlie Fischer by decision after a 2 1/2 hour match and is recognized by Illinois State Athletic Commission; Charley Fischer defeats Johnny Meyers on 29/01/07 to claim the title; Jimmy Demetral defeats another title claimant Ralph Parcaut on 28/08/13 in Madison, WI, loses to Gus Kallio on 29/05/20 in Battle Creek, MI but continues to claim the title, and finally loses to Fischer on 29/08/15 in Madison, WI; Fischer continues to claim the title through 37.
Hugh Nichols 1929/02/08 Cincinnati, OH
Vacant when Nichols moves up to light heavyweight division in 30; Gallio continues to claim the title and defeats another claimant Jimmy Demetral on 29/05/20 in Battle Creek, MI.
Gus Kallio [2] 1930/04/09 Columbus, OH
Wins tournament to be recognized by the National Boxing Association after defeating Ralph Parcaut in semi-final on 30/03/21 in Cincinnati, OH and Ray Carpenter in final on 30/04/09 in Columbus, OH.
George Sauer 1930/06/20 San Antonio, TX
Wins as the Masked Marvel.
Gus Kallio [3] 1930/10/03 San Antonio, TX
Again recognized at the NWA meeting on 31/10/01.
Joe Gunther 1935/05/07 Nashville, TN
Gus Kallio [4] 1935/06/14 Mobile, AL
Again recognized at the NBA & NWA joint annual convention on 35/09/17.
Octavio Gaona 1939/02/19 Mexico City, MEX
Tarzan Lopez (Carlos Lopez) 1940/02/04 Mexico City, MEX
Black Guzman 1941/12/16 Mexico City, MEX
Tarzan Lopez [2] 1942/02/11 Mexico City, MEX
Gory Guerrero 1946/02/23 Mexico City, MEX
Mike Kelly 1948/04/12 Mexico City, MEX
Tarzan Lopez [3] 1949/05/28 Mexico City, MEX
Sugi Sito 1950/09/21  
Enrique Llanes 1951/09/24 Mexico City, MEX
Vacates on 52/02/06.
Tarzan Lopez [4] 1952/07/13  
Wins tournament; recognized by the National Wrestling Alliance after 52/09.

* See NWA World Middleweight Title.

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