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Last updated on 2017/10/14

World Middleweight Title

Dan McLeod 1906/10/24<  
Billed as champion in Chicago, IL.
Jack Olson 1909/10/25 Dubuque, IA
United States champion, defeats Dan McBride, billed as Canadian champion; still billed as world champion when Olson passes away on 11/07/21.
Ben Reuben 1917/03/30 Chicago, IL
Defeats Johnny Meyers; both Reuben and Meyers continue to claim the title.
Johnny Meyers 1918/04/19 Chicago, IL
Lou Talaber1919/01/22<
Recognized in Gary, IN.
Billy Schober 1920/05/29<
Johnny Meyers [2] 1921/04/14<
Joe Parelli 1924/03/25 Milwaukee, WI
Lou Talaber 1924/09/23 Chicago, IL
Johnny Meyers [3] 1925/04/15 Chicago, IL
Declared vacant by Illinois State Athletic Commission on 28/06/28 when Meyers cannot make the 160lb weight limit; Meyers continues to claim the title.
Gus Kallio 1928/08/07 Chicago, IL
Defeats Charlie Fischer by decision after a 2 1/2 hour match and is recognized by Illinois State Athletic Commission; Charley Fischer defeats Johnny Meyers on 29/01/07 in Chicago, IL to claim the title; Jimmy Demetral defeats another title claimant Ralph Parcaut on 28/08/13 in Madison, WI, loses to Gus Kallio on 29/05/20 in Battle Creek, MI but continues to claim the title, and finally loses to Fischer on 29/08/15 in Madison, WI; Fischer continues to claim the title through 37.
Hugh Nichols 1929/02/08 Cincinnati, OH
Vacant when Nichols moves up to light heavyweight division in 30; Gallio continues to claim the title and defeats another claimant Jimmy Demetral on 29/05/20 in Battle Creek, MI.
Gus Kallio [2] 1930/04/09 Columbus, OH
Wins tournament to be recognized by the National Boxing Association after defeating Ralph Parcaut in semi-final on 30/03/21 in Cincinnati, OH and Ray Carpenter in final on 30/04/09 in Columbus, OH.

* See NWA World Middleweight Title.