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(picture of Santel here)
Ad Santel

Martin "Farmer" Burns * 1890s  
Said to have held the title before winning American Heavyweight Title on 1895/04/20.

William Demetral 1906 London, ENG *
Wins a 2-week tournament.
Yussif Hussane 1909/09/03 Dallas, TX, USA
Also recognized in Oklahoma; still champion as of 09/10/15.
William Demetral [2] 1909/11/04<
Billed as champion in Muskogee, OK; Charles Olson also claims the title in Dallas, TX as of 10/01/25.
Ad Santel (Adolph Ernst) 1913/01/14 Woodward, OK, USA
Jack Harbertson defeats John Berg, who disputes Santel's claim for not making the 170lb limit, on 18/05/21 in Ogden, UT; Santel defeats Harbertson on 19/01/08 in Ogden, UT; also defeats title claimants Jim Londos on 20/08/17 in San Francisco, CA and Peter Sauer on 22/03/14 in San Francisco, CA; loses to Clarence Eklund in a tournament on 28/11/20 in Melbourne, AUS (see below); may continue to claim the title in Northern California until 31 or 32.

Fred Beell 1906/12/06<  
Possibly for having defeated Dan McLeod on 06/10/19 in Chicago, IL; claims both heavyweight and light heavyweight titles (The Des Moines Register, Des Moines, IA, 06/12/06); billed as champion in Chicago, IL as of 08/01/04 and most likely other territories.
Martin "Farmer" Burns 1908/03/17 Omaha, NE, USA
Beell continues to claim the title but loses to Charlie Olson on 09/01/04 in Chicago, IL (see below).
Fred Beell [2] 1911  
Also billed as American champion.
Theodore Peter 1913/02/10 St. Paul, MN
Defeats Beell for the American Title; recognized as world champion after defeating Henry Irslinger, billed as European champion, on 13/12/03 in Minneapolis, MN.
Fred Beell [3] 1913/12/10 Minneapolis, MN
Still champion as of 14/06/18 (The Beloit Daily Call, Beloit, KS, 14/06/18); former champion as of 15/10/31 (Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls, MT, 15/10/31).
Mike Yokel 1914/06/18 Salt Lake City, UT
Defeats Beell and assumes "all the titles formerly held by Beell" (The Ogden Standard, Ogden, UT 14/06/23).

Charles Olson 1909/01/04 Chicago, IL
Defeats Fred Beell for the title; also recognized in Pacific Northwest, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, and possibly other states; loses to Americus (Gus Schoenlein) on 10/04/29 in Chicago, IL but continues to be billed as champion in Michigan as of 11/03/14 and Indiana as of 12/08/06.

Americus (Gus Schoenlein) 1909/03/17Baltimore, MD, USA
American champion, defeats European champion Bob Monogoff to be recognized as world champion; also defeats title claimant Charles Olson on 10/04/29 in Chicago, IL; still champion as of 11/04/22; may be vacant when Americus wins World Heavyweight Title on 14/03/13 in Kansas City, MO.

Jim Londos 1917/02/21<
Billed as champion in Sioux Falls, SD and later in other territories; loses to Ad Santel on 20/08/17 in San Francisco, CA (see above) but continues to claim the title.
Earl Caddock 1921/02/14 New York, NY, USA
Still billed as champion in Wichita, KS as of 22/03/19 and in Ohio as of 22/06/03; officially retires in 23.
Jim Londos [2] 1921/03/24<  
Billed as champion in Burlington, IA; also recognized in Reading, PA as of 22/02/22; Londos and Caddock wrestle to a draw on 22/07/04 in Moberly, MO; Caddock officially retires in 23; Londos is still recognized in Missouri as of 23/02/24.

Clarence Eklund 1917/04/26 Charles City, IA, USA
Defeats Helmer Myer.
Helmer Myre 1918/03/14 Charles City, IA, USA
Clarence Eklund [2] 1919/02/17 Charles City, IA, USA
Also defeats title claimant George Kotsonaros on 20/02/27 in Houston, TX and Helmer Myre on 22/04/04 in Albert Lea, MN.
Charlie Rentrop 1923/01/04 Sheridan, WY, USA
Clarence Eklund [3] 1923/01/26 Sheridan, WY, USA
Ted Thye 1926/02/10 Columbus, OH, USA
Clarence Eklund [4] 1926/05/12 Portland, OR, USA
Thye continues to claim the title in Ohio but loses to Eklund on 26/06/02 in Columbus, OH; Thye also continues to be recognized in Australia, loses to Sam Clapham sometime in 26, and regains on 27/08/20 in W. Melbourne, AUS.
Ira Dern 1927/01/01 Columbus, OH, USA
Eklund may continue to claim the title outside Ohio; vacant in Ohio sometime after 27/07/20 when Dern's weight exceeds the division limit.
Pinky Gardner 1927/08/24 Columbus, OH, USA
Defeats Clarence Eklund for the local recognition.
Clarence Eklund [5] 1927/12/14 Columbus, OH, USA
John Shimkus 1928/01/24 Dallas, TX, USA
Clarence Eklund [6] 1928/02/14 Dallas, TX, USA
Also wins tournament on 28/11/20 in Melbourne, AUS to become the undisputed champion, defeating Ted Thye in the final and Ad Santel in earlier round; declared vacant by the National Wrestling Association when Eklund declines invitation to participate in tournament in 30; continue to claim the title in Montana but retires in 31 (or 32?).
Hugh Nichols 1930/04/04 Cincinnati, OH, USA
Defeats Joe Banaski in NBA World Light Heavyweight Wrestling Championship tournament final.

* See National Wrestling Association World Light Heavyweight Title.

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