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Universal Wrestling Association
World Middleweight Title
(as of 2014/08/24)

[ 日本語 ]

Rene Guajardo 1975/11/26 Mexico City
Defeats Anibal to become first champion.
Gran Hamada 1976/05/02 Monterrey
Rene Guajardo [2] 1976/10/31 Monterrey
Anibal 1977/10/02 Monterrey
Jungle Negra 1979/02/11 Monterrey
Centurion Negro 1981/01/11 Monterrey
Gran Hamada [2] 1982/02/14 Naucalpan
Centurion Negro [2] 1982/06/13 Monterrey
Luis Arizona 1983/01/09 Reynosa
Gran Hamada [3] 1983/05/22 Monterrey
Super Astro 1984/07/06 Guadalajara
El Satanico 1984/10/14 Mexico City
Cachorro Mendoza 1985/07/09  
Solar 1985/11/20 Mexico City
Vacant in 86/04.
Valente Fernandez 1986/06/29 Monterrey
Cuchillo 1989/09/04 Mexico City
Yoshihiro Asai 1990/04/06 Mexico City
Cuchillo [2] 1990/05/21 Puebla
Yoshihiro Asai [2] 1990/06/04 Tokyo, JPN
Super Astro [3] 1990/12/28 Tijuana
Negro Casas 1991/01/29 Pachuca
Ultimo Dragon (Yoshihiro Asai) [3] 1993/03/26 Mexico City
El Samurai 1993/05/20 Inuyama, JPN
Ultimo Dragon [4] 1993/05/24 Osaka, JPN
Kouji Ishinriki 1994/01/05 Osaka, JPN
Ultimo Dragon [5] 1994/02/18 Mexico City
Ordered by UWA to vacate the title, which he does after winning NWA World title on 94/11/08 in Tokyo, JPN.
El Texano 1995/02/12 Santo Domingo, DOM
Defeats Takashi Okano.
Hector Garza 1996/06<
Masayoshi Motegi # 1996/06/11 Tokyo, JPN
Wins when Garza is accidentally knocked out during title match but immediately vacates the title.
Tiger Mask 1996/09/23 Towada, Aomori, JPN
Defeats Men's Teioh in 5-man tournament final; not Satoru Sayama; vacant on 97/02/25 after being injured on 97/12/11 in Okayama, JPN.
Shoichi Funaki 1997/03/19 Yonezawa, JPN
Defeats Pantera.
Minoru Tanaka 1997/05/24 Nagoya, JPN
Vacates on 98/04/19 after defending title against Tiger Mask in Odawara, JPN.
The Willow (Jeff Hardy) 1998/06/14Iwate, JPN
Defeats Ikuto Hidaka; vacant.
Silver Wolf 2002/05/25 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Hi69; vacant in 02/09.
Hi69 2002/10/27 Tokyo, JPN
PABLO in a tournament final.
Yasu Urano 2003/05/24 Chiba, JPN
X #3 2003/10/25 Chiba, JPN
Sambo Oishi 2004/04/25 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats SUPER-X, PSYCHO, and Yuu Yamagata (female) in a 4-way match.
Onryo 2004/10/30 Chiba, JPN
Gentaro 2005/02/12 Chiba, JPN
Boso Boy Raito 2005/02/20 Shiwa, Iwate, JPN
PSYCHO 2006/04/05 Tokyo, JPN
Shiori Asahi 2006/11/05 Fukuoka, JPN
Boso Boy Raito [2] 2007/09/04 Tokyo, JPN
Makoto Oishi 2008/06/12 Tokyo, JPN
MEN's Teioh 2008/08/09 Chiba, JPN
Makoto Oishi [2] 2008/11/03 Tokyo, JPN
Quiet Storm 2009/03/15 Chiba, JPN
PSYCHO [2] 2009/08/09 Chiba, JPN
Shinobu 2009/11/14 Tokyo, JPN
Tomato Kaji 2010/01/11 Chiba, JPN
Yasu Urano [2] 2010/11/10 Tokyo, JPN
Tomato Kaji [2] 2011/07/31 Chiba, JPN
Shiori Asahi [2] 2011/11/06 Tokyo, JPN
Daigoro Kashiwa 2012/06/24 Yokohama, JPN
Yuki Sato 2012/11/04 Yokohama, JPN
Defeats Kashiwa and Hiro Tonai in a 3-way match.
TAKA Michinoku 2013/04/14 Tokyo, JPN
Ryuichi Sekine 2013/08/11 Chiba, JPN
Makoto Oishi [3] 2013/12/08 Chiba, JPN
Tomato Kaji [3] 2014/08/24 Chiba, JPN

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