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Last updated on 2017/11/04

World Middleweight Title

Joe Turner1919/04/21<
Still champion as of 19/10/17.
Victor Brown1920/04/30<
Joe Turner [2]1921/07/05<
Hugh Nichols1924/09<
Billed as having defeated Johnny Meyers "last spring" (Miami Tribune, Miami, FL, 24/10/01).
Lou Tallaber1925/01/23<
Billed as champion in Orlando, FL.
Joe Turner [3] 1926/02/05<
Herb Teitenberg1926/08/12St. Petersburg, FL
Joe Turner [4] 1926/12/30<
Jack Ross1927/02<
Sometime after 27/01/19; has "recently" won (The Palm Beach Post, W. Palm Beach, FL, 27/02/27).
Andy Brown1927/03/03W. Palm Beach, FL
Wins by default when Turner fails to appear in the schedule title defense; defeats Turner on 27/03/10 in W. Palm Beach, FL.
Joe Turner [5] 1927/04
Gus Clem1927/04/18Tarpon Springs, FL
Joe Turner [6]1927/06/20St. Petersburg, FL
Also wins the Florida Title.
George Romanoff1933/11/05<
Also recognized in New Orleans, LA as of 35/02/17; most likely retires as champion in 36/09 (still champion as of 36/09/14 but is listed as former champion on 36/10/04).