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Last updated on 2017/10/28

World Middleweight Title
[Minnesota & the Dakotas]

Clarence Bouldin1904/03/06<

Fred Bartl1908/02/28<

Henry Gehring1911/04/02<
Still recognized in Minnesota as of 11/12/06.

Walter Miller1912/03/21<
Mike Yokel1913/02/10Duluth, MN
Has also defeated Henry Gehring on 13/02/05 in Salt Lake City, UT; still champion as of 13/11/05.

Joe Carr1914/03/09<
Billed as champion in Dulth, MN; also holds Northwestern Title; Waino Ketonen is billed as champion in North Dakota in 14/03 but loses to Carr on 14/04/02 in Duluth, MN; Carr draws with Ketonen on 16/02/11 in Duluth, MN; still/again claims the title in Minneapolis, MN as of 16/07/07.

Waino Ketonen1916/09/07<
Recognized in Duluth, MN; still champion as of 18/03/12 and 20/06/20.

Johnny Meyers1920/08<
Ralph Parcaut1920/08/25Spencer, IA
Reported as having defeated Meyers "at Chicago last spring" (The Pioneer, Bemidji, MN, 21/02/02); still champion as of 21/04/08.
Chris Jordan1921/09/22Cedar Rapids, IA
Regarded as the world champion "in most wrestling centers" (The Minneapolis Star, 21/12/29); Johnny Meyers also claims the title.
Johnny Meyers [2]1921/12/11Chicago, IL
Has claimed the title prior to the match; "for many years generally regarded as the world's champion" (The Minneapolis Star, 21/12/31); still champion as of 22/03/20.
Lou Talaber1923/04/18<
Also defeats another claimant Joe Parelli on 24/09/23 in Chicago, IL.
Johnny Meyers [3]1925/04/15Chicago, IL
Waino Ketonen is billed as champion in Brainerd, MN as of 26/05/11.
Charley Fischer1929/01/07Chicago, IL
Still claims the title as of 30/10/31.
Harry Kamatchus 1931/04/09 Mankato, MN
Defeats Ralph Parcaut.

Gus Kallio1933/09/19<
Has defeated George Sauer on 30/10/03 in San Antonio, TX to win NWA World Title for the second time; the National Wrestling Association holds annual conferences in Minneapolis, MN on 33/09/20 and renews the recognition of Kallio as the world champion; still recognized as champion in the area as of 38/07/02; loses to Octavio Gaona on 39/02/19 in Mexico City, MEX.

Henry Kolln 1950/03<
Claims to have defeated Kallio for the title on 33/06/23 in Cincinnati, OH (St. Clould Times, 50/03/24; neither Kallio nor Kolln is mentioned for the 33/06/23 card on The Cincinnati Enquirer).
Swede Oberg1950/03/15<
Awarded after Kolln is injured (St. Clould Times, St. Clould, MN, 50/03/15); Kolln continues to claim the title as of 51/09/23.
Doug Henderson1950/03/24St. Paul, MN
Harold Mason1950/05/12Minneapolis, MN
Still champion as of 53/04/23; still billed as champion as of 58/08/30 although Mason "at the time is practically in retirement" (The Minneapolis Star, 58/08/30).