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Last updated on 2015/11/10

World Middleweight Title
[Pacific Northwest]

John Berg 1911/06/28<  
Billed as champion in Portland, OR; may be vacant after Berg starts claiming the World Light Heavyweight Title for defeating William Demetral on 11/12/29 in Portland, OR.
Fred Beell 1912/03/13<  
Billed as champion in Tacoma, WA; may be vacant after defeating John Berg for the World Light Heavyweight Title on 12/03/29 in Portland, OR.
Walter Miller 1916/02/05<  
Claims the World Middleweight and Welterweight Titles in Portland, OR.
Ted Thye 1919/06/04 Portland, OR
Also defeats title claimant Charles Rentrop on 20/02/24 in Spokane, WA; loses to Walter Miller on 21/05/27 in Los Angeles, CA but continues claim the title.
Johnny Meyers 1922/06/01<
Has been recognized in Chicago, IL as early as 18/03; loses to Ted Thye on 22/06/15 in Spokane, WA but retains the title with Thye exceeding the weight limit; also defeats Walter Miller on 22/08/03 in Los Angeles, CA; vacates on 28/06/28 for not being able to make the 160lb weight limit.
Gus Kallio 1928/08/07 Chicago, IL
Defeats Charlie Fischer; loses to Hugh Nichols on 29/02/08 in Cincinnati, OH but continues to claim the title; Nichols vacates in 30 upon moving up to the light heavyweight; Kallio defeats Ray Carpenter in tournament final on 30/04/09 in Columbus, OH to be recognized by the National Boxing Association.

* See NWA World Middleweight Title.