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Last updated on 2018/01/11

World Middleweight Title
[District of Columbia & Mid-Atlantic]

Charles Olson 1905/11/30 Ashville, NC
Defeats James Parr.
Sam Anderson 1911/02/21 Bristol, TN
Claimant of the English Title, defeats United States champion Joe Turner.
Joe Turner 1911/03/24 Washington, DC
Holds Police Gazette belt.
Joe Grant 1911/05/15 Washington, DC
Turner continues to claim the title in North Carolina.
Joe Turner [2] 1912/01/01 Norfolk, VA
Reported in Charlotte, NC as retaining the title against Grant.
Jim Poulois 1912/09/16 Charlotte, NC
Joe Turner [3] 1912/11/19 Columbia, SC
Jack Jordan 1913/04/23 Waverly, NY
Joe Turner [4] 1913/09/04 Washington, DC
Fritz Hansen 1914/07/13 Richmond, VA
Joe Turner [5] 1914/08/17 Richmond, VA
Also said to win a tournament in 16 in Richmond, VA and another tournament in 22 in New York, NY; loses to other claimants such as Mike Yokel (13/03/19 Salt Lake City, UT), Pet Brown (15/03/02 Houston, TX), Paul Bowser (16/03/10 Newark, OH), and Henry Irslinger (17/01/22 and 17/11/06 Atlantic City, NJ) over the years but continues to be recognized as champion mainly in the east coast; defeats Mike Yokel on 20/03/18 in Washington, DC; in Asheville, NC, John Kilonis is billed as champion in 16/10.
Charles Metropolous 1920/03/25 Washington, DC
Pinky Gardner 1920/04/15 Washington, DC
Joe Turner [6] 1920/04/22 Washington, DC
Also defeats Pete Dallas on 22/03/06 in Washington, DC.
Waino Ketonen 1922/08/29 Washington, DC
Still champion as of 22/11/01; also recognized in Charlotte, NC; Turner continues to be billed as champion in Greensboro, NC and Winston-Salem, NC as of 22/12/29 but no longer on 24/02/11.
Joe Turner [7] 1925/01/07<  
Sometime after 24/11/24.
Waino Ketonen [2] 1925/02/16 Greensboro, NC
Defends against Turner in Danville, VA on 25/02/27.
Joe Turner [8] 1925/03/26<  
Billed as champion in Danville, VA; still billed as champion on 28/03/26 and 29/08/01 in Chapel Hill, NC; also defeats another title claimant Martin Merkur on 30/06/19 in Washington, DC; still billed as champion on 33/01/30 in Danville, VA.