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Last updated on 2017/01/13

World Middleweight Title

Mike Yokel1913/02/05Salt Lake City, UT
Defeats another claimant Henry Gehring; has claimed the title as early as 11/01/26.
Pet Brown 1914/05/08 Taylor, TX
Also defeats another claimant Joe Turner on 15/03/02 in Houston, TX.
Waino Ketonen 1917/04/13<  
Defends title against Mike Yokel in Houston, TX on this day.
Pet Brown [2] 1918/01< 
Also defeats another claimant Mike Yokel on 18/01/11 in Houston, TX; still champion in Cameron, TX as of 19/12/05; listed as former champion in El Paso, TX on 19/12/29.
Chris Jordan1919/12
Claims the title in El Paso, TX when Brown "refuses to meet" him for the title.
Charles Rentrop1920/04/27El Paso, TX
Pet Brown [3]1920/05/13Houston, TX
Still champion as of 21/10/02; shot and killed in Cisco, TX on 23/05/05.
Johnny Meyers1925/11/26<
Still champion as of 26/04/24.
Joe Parelli1927/08/05<
Billed as champion in Waxahachie, TX for having defeated Meyers "about four weeks ago."
Gus Kallio1927/08/22Dallas, TX
Joe Parelli [2]1927/09/12Dallas, TX
Still champion as of 27/12/02.
Waino Ketonen [2]1928/01/12<
Billed as champion in Cameron, TX.
Gus Kallio [2]1928/08/07Chicago, IL
Defeats Charlie Fischer by decision after a 2 1/2 hour match and is recognized by Illinois State Athletic Commission.
Hugh Nichols1929/02/08Cincinnati, OH
Vacant when Nichols moves up to light heavyweight division in 30.
Gus Kallio [3]1930/04/09Columbus, OH
Wins tournament to be recognized by the National Boxing Association after defeating Ralph Parcaut in semi-final on 30/03/21 in Cincinnati, OH and Ray Carpenter in final on 30/04/09 in Columbus, OH.
George Sauer1930/06/20San Antonio, TX
Wins as the Masked Marvel.
Gus Kallio [4]1930/10/03San Antonio, TX
Again recognized at the NWA meeting on 31/10/01.

* See NWA World Middleweight Title.