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Last updated on 2018/01/11

World Middleweight Title

Walter Willoughby1910/06/09< 
Has won the title from Ed Atherton on 09/04/12 in Milwaukee, WI; recognized in Iowa as of 10/06/09.
Walter Miller1912/03/22< 
Carl Brown1914/05/01Waterloo, IA
Has claimed the title in Waterloo as early as 12/05/10.

John Kilonis #1915/05/26< 
Recognized as "International" champion.

Waino Ketonen1918/06/06< 
Still claims the title in Iowa as late as 19/05/21.

Johnny Meyers1918/12/26< 
Also defeats title claimant Billy Schober in 19/11 ("six weeks ago", Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette, 20/01/08); Chris Jordan may also claim the title in 20/01.
Ralph Parcaut1920/08/25Spencer, IA
Chris Jordan 1921/09/22 Cedar Raipds, IA
Parcaut continues to claim the title; Johnny Meyers defeats Jordan on 22/04/03 in Chicago, IL and is also recognized in Iowa.
Johnny Meyers [2] 1923/12/11Chicago, IL
Has been recognized in Iowa for defeating Ralph Parcaut on 22/04/03 in Chicago, IL; Jordan continues to claim the title as of 24/05/03 and 26/05/12; Ralph Parcaut also claims the title as of 24/02/05.
Joe Parelli1924/03/25Milwaukee, WI
Lou Talaber1924/09/23Salt Lake City, UT
Heinie Engel 1925/01/22 Dubuque, IA
Talaber continues to claim the title but loses to Johnny Meyers on 25/04/15 in Chicago, IL.
Johnny Meyers [3] 1925/05/08Chicago, IL
Ralph Parcaut [2]1929/06/24Oskaloosa, IA
Has claimed the title in Iowa as early as 24/02/05; also defeats another title claimant Jimmy Demetral on 29/09/12 in Newton, IA.
Charlie Fischer 1929/11/01 Des Moines, IA
Still/again claims both World Light Heavyweight and Middleweight titles in Council Bluffs, IA as of 33/02/21.

Bill Schober 1930/10/12<  
Billed as champion in Sioux City, IA

Ralph Parcaut [3]1931/05/17< 
Recognized in Cedar Rapids, IA; may have continued to claim the title after losing to Kamatchus; still champion as of 31/06/25.

Henry Kolln 1933/11/03< 
Said to have been recognized by the American Federation of Wrestling since 23.
Larry Schaaf1937/05/05Muscatine, IA
Henry Kolln [2] 1937/06/04 Ft. Madison, IA
Still champion as of 37/11/18.