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Last updated on 2017/10/14

World Middleweight Title
[New York]

Dan McLeod1889/01/17Cleveland, OH
Defeats Ed Atherton; recognized in New York as of 01/07/31; still/again champion as of 1902/09/12.
Peter Jack 1908/09/26<
Billed as champion in Reading, PA.
Sam Anderson1909/03/25<
Billed as champion in Eastern Pennsylvania as late as 09/04/10.
Joe Turner1912/03/31<
Jack Jordan1913/04/23Waverly, NY
Still champion as of 13/12/20.
Mike Yokel1915/02/25<
Young Hackenschmidt1915/04/08<
George Bothner1915/11/30<
Billed as World Middleweight, Welterweight, and Lightweight champion.
Henry Irslinger1916/11/30<
Still champion as of 17/01/31.
Young Hackenschmidt [2]1917/03/16<
Joe Turner [2]1917/11<
Henry Irslinger [2]1917/11/06Atlantic City, NJ
Waino Ketonen1918/01/17<
Mike Yokel [2]1918/03/18<
Has lost to Billy Schober on 18/02/22 in Battle Creek, MI but continues to claim the title.
Waino Ketonen [2]1919/04/03Boston, MA
Still champion as of 20/03/12.
Carl Johnson1922/03/08<
Joe Turner [3]1922New York, NY
Said to win a tournament; still champion as of 22/08/21.
Joe Parelli1922/09/05<
Peter Jarvis1922/09/12Asbury Park, NJ
Ed Fields1922/11/01New York, NY
Peter Jarvis [2]1922/12/01New York, NY
Johnny Meyers1923/03/02<
Walter Miller1925/07/25<
Johnny Meyers [2]1927/09/02<
Still champion as of 31/06/29.