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Last updated on 2016/03/15

World Middleweight Title

Tim Harrington 1907/06/25<  
Claims the Cornish style title mainly in Montana; passes away as the champion on 08/08/07.

Henry Gehring 1910/04/03<  
Has been claiming the title since 09/04/28, defeating Charlie Conkle in Cleveland, OH; defeats Chris Jordan on 10/03/15 in Cleveland, OH; defeats Walter Willoughby on 10/12/28 in Cleveland, OH to become the strongest claimant.
Mike Yokel 1913/02/05 Salt Lake City, UT
Has claimed the title as early as 1911/02; also defeats another title claimant Walter Miller on 13/02/10 in Duluth, MN and Police Gazette title claimant Joe Turner in 13.
Chris Jordan 1913/07/25 Salt Lake City, UT
Mike Yokel [2] 1913/10/27 Salt Lake City, UT
Pet Brown 1914/05/08 Taylor, TX
Jack Harbertson 1915/01/04<  
Awarded "recently" when Brown no-shows the scheduled title match; still champion as of 18/04/01; may vacate the title after winning the World Light Heavyweight Title, defeating John Berg on 18/05/21 in Ogden, UT.
Ira Dern 1919/10 Boston, MA *
Recognized in Utah as having defeated Waino Ketonen.
Mike Yokel [3] 1920  
Sometime before 20/04/27.
Ira Dern [2] 1921/03/30 Salt Lake City, UT
Also defeats title claimant Pinky Gardner on 21/11/23 in Salt Lake City, UT; still champion as of 25/03/28; no longer champion as of 26/05 after moving up to the light heavyweight division.