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(picture of Mildred here)
Mildred Burke

National Wrestling Alliance ( 1950s - 1984 )
World Wrestling Federation ( 1984 - 1990 )

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Josie Wahlford 1890s
Known as the first women's champion; Alice Williams also claims the title probably around the same time.
Laura Bennett 1900s
Hazel Parker claims the title around 1906 in Chicago, IL.
Mary Harris 1907
Laura Bennett [2] 1909
In Russia, Masha Poddubnaya claims the title six times before 10.
Cora Livingstone 1910/10 Kansas City , MO, USA
Or 11 or 13; has started claimg the title as of 08/01; still/again champion in 19; retires in 25.

Ruby Allen 1931/04<
Claims the title at least until 34; billed as the "claimant of the 145-pound title" as of 34/03 in Spokane, WA.

Clara Mortenson 1932
Defeats Barbara Ware according to some reports.
Mildred Burke 1937/01/28 Chattanooga, TN, USA
Clara Mortenson [2] 1937/02/11 Chattanooga, TN, USA
Mildred Burke [2] 1937/04<
Betty Nichols 1938/11/18 Columbus, OH, USA
Mildred Burke [3] 1938/12/01 Columbus, OH, USA
Officially recognized by NWA between 50 and 53; founds the World Women's Wrestling Association in California in early 50s with herself as WWWA World champion.

See WWWA World Title.

June Byers 1953/04/14 Baltimore, MD, USA
Defeats Nell Stewart in a 10-woman world championship tournament final; wrestles Burke on 54/08/20 in Atlanta, GA, but the commission stops the match, strips Burke of the title, and awards it to Byers; Burke continues to defend WWWA World Title until her retirement in 56; Daisy Mae is also billed as champion in Charleston, WV around 56/02.

Penny Banner 1961/08/26 Angola, IN, USA
Defeats Theresa Theis in tournament final to be recognized by American Wrestling Alliance when NWA champion Byers no-shows the scheduled title defense against Banner; vacant in 64; Byers also continues to claim her title until her retirement in 64/01.

Jennetta Collins # 1956/08/28<
Billed as champion in Baltimore, MD.
Slave Girl Moolah/Fabulous Moolah 1956/09/18 Baltimore, MD, USA
Defeats Judy Grable in the final of a tournemant in which Collins also participates; billed as NWA champion by some member promoters after June Byers retires in 64; Penny Banner also continues to claim her title until 64.
Betty Boucher 1966/09/17 Seattle, WA, USA
Fabulous Moolah [2] 1966/09
Yukiko Tomoe 1968/03/10 Osaka, JPN
Fabulous Moolah [3] 1968/04/02 Hamamatsu, JPN
Susan Green * 1975 Dallas, TX, USA
Fabulous Moolah * 1975 TX, USA
Evelyn Stevens 1978/10/08 Dallas, TX, USA
Fabulous Moolah [4] 1978/10/10 Ft. Worth, TX, USA
WWF withdraws from NWA in 83 and buys the right of the women's world titles from Moolah in 84; Moolah is recognized exclusively as a WWF champion; NWA World Title is reinstated in 87.
Wendi Richter 1984/07/23 New York, NY, USA
Leilani Kai 1985/02/18 New York, NY, USA
Wendi Richter [2] 1985/03/31 New York, NY, USA
Fabulous Moolah [5] 1985/11/25 New York, NY, USA
Wins title as masked Spider Lady, unmasks after the match.
Velvet McIntyre 1986/07/03 Brisbane, AUS
Fabulous Moolah [6] 1986/07/09 Sydney, AUS
Sherri Martel 1987/07/24 Houston, TX, USA
Rockin' Robin 1988/10/07 Paris, FRA
Title retired in 90; WWF World Title is reinstated in 93.

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