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Trans-world Wrestling Federation
World Women's Title

[ 日本語 ]

Lola Gonzales1995/11/19Acapulco, MEX
Defeats Bison Kimura in one-night 8-woman tournament final to become first champion.
Lioness Asuka1996/09/20Mexico City, MEX
Jaguar Yokota1997/10/22Tokyo
Lioness Asuka [2]1998/01/11Tokyo
Kyoko Inoue1998/04/26Tokyo
Lioness Asuka [3]1998/05/06Tokyo
Kyoko Inoue [2]1998/08/02Tokyo
Lioness Asuka [4]1999/01/24Tokyo
Vacates in 03.
The Bloody2003/03/23Yokohama
Defeats Megumi Yabushita.
Yoshiko Tamura2004/09/20Tokyo
Held up on 05/03/26 in Tokyo when Tamura is injured during a title defense and unable to continue the match.
Yoshiko Tamura [2]2005/06/19Tokyo
Defeats The Bloody; immediately vacates the title after the match.