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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2015/06/29


(as of 2017/09/29)

Mildred Burke 1937
Defeats Clara Mortenson to win World Title; officially recognized by NWA between 50 and 53.
June Byers 1954/08/20 Atlanta, GA
The commission stops the match between Burke and Byers, strips Burke of the title, and awards it to Byers; recognized as champion by some NWA promoters; Byers has also won a 10-woman world championship tournament in 53/04/14 in Baltimore, MD, defeating Nell Stewart in the final; Burke continues to defend WWWA World Title.
Penny Banner # 1964
Has won AWA World title, defeating Theresa Theis in tournament final on 61/08/26 in Angola, IN; briefly recognized as champion by some of NWA promoters after Byers retires in 64/01.
Slave Girl Moolah/Fabulous Moolah 1960s
Has won a tournament on 56/09/18 in Baltimore, MD, defeating Judy Grable in final; billed as NWA champion by some member promoters after Byers retires in 64/01.
Betty Boucher # 1966/09/17 Seattle, WA, USA
Possibly for a local recognition only; defends the title on 66/09/27 in Seattle, WA and against Judy Grable on 66/10/04 in Chilliwack, BC.
Fabulous Moolah # 1966/10  
Yukiko Tomoe 1968/03/10 Osaka, JPN
Fabulous Moolah [2] 1968/04/02 Hamamatsu, JPN
Susan Green * 1975 Dallas, TX
Fabulous Moolah * 1975 Texas
Evelyn Stevens 1978/10/08 Dallas, TX
Fabulous Moolah [3] 1978/10/10 Ft. Worth, TX
WWF withdraws from NWA in 83 and buys the right of the women's world titles from Moolah; Moolah's title continues to be recognized as WWF Women's World title.
Debbie Combs 1986/02/12< Honolulu, HI
Wins a battle royal; repeated on 86/02/13 in San Jose, CA.
Misty Blue # 1988
Or 89; recognized as champion by WCW; vacant in 89; Combs continues to defend her title.
Susan Sexton # 1990
Reigning LPWA World champion, recognized as World champion by WCW.
Bambi # 1990
May have defeated Sexton to win the title; vacant in 90.
Bambi [2] # 1994
Recognized as champion by Jim Crockett Promotions.
Peggy Lee Leather # 1994/07/26 E. Ridge, TN
Bambi [3] # 1994
Combs continues to defend her title.
Malia Hosaka 1996/05/09 Johnson City, TN
Debbie Combs [2] 1996/05/10 Fall Branch, TN
Stripped by NWA in 96/10; Combs continues to claim the title until 97.
Strawberry 2000/10/14 Nashville, TN
Defeats Leilani Kai; vacant in 00/11 due to injury.
Madison 2002/08/23 Surrey, BC, CAN
Defeats Bam Bam Bambi.
Char Starr 2002/10/26 Corpus Christi, TX
Madison [2] 2002/12/06 Port Coquitlam, BC, CAN
Leilani Kai 2003/03/12 Nashville, TN
Stripped by NWA President Bill Behrens on 04/06/19 due to several no-shows.
Kiley McLean 2004/06/19 Richmond, VA
Defeats Kameo.
Lexie Fyfe 2005/04/23 Richmond, VA
Christie Ricci 2005/10/08 Nashville, TN
Defeats Fyfe and Tasha Simone in 3-way match.
MsChif 2007/01/27 Lebanon, TN
Amazing Kong 2007/05/05 Streamwood, IL
MsChif [2] 2008/04/27 Cape Girardeau, MO
Tasha Simone 2010/07/24 Lebanon, TN
La Reina de Corazones 2010/10/02 Altus, OK
Vacant in 10/11 due to injury.
Tasha Simone [2] 2010/11/06 Lebanon, TN
Defeats Miss Rachel.
Tiffany Roxx 2011/11/05 Lebanon, TN
Tasha Simone [3] 2011/12/25 Lebanon, TN
Kacee Carlisle 2012/10/20 Lebanon, TN
Barbi Hayden 2014/01/25 Cypress, TX
Santana Garrett 2015/02/07 Plant City, FL
Also wins Battling Bombshells Title, defeating La Rosa Negra on 15/03/28 in Lake Worth, FL, SHINE Title, defeating Mia Yim on 15/04/03 in Ybor City, FL, and the vacant JCW Title, defeating Renee Michelle on 15/05/17 in Asbury Park, NJ.
Amber Gallows (Amber O'Neal) 2015/12/18 Sherman, TX
Defeats Garrett, Bree Ann, and Nikki Knight in 4-way elimination match (for NWA Title only).
Jazz 2016/09/16 Sherman, TX
Defeats Gallows and Christi Jaynes in 3-way match.