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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2015/06/29

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Slave Girl Moolah/Fabulous Moolah 1956/09/18 Baltimore, MD
Defeats Judy Grable in tournemant final; billed as NWA champion by some member promoters after June Byers retires in 64/01.
Betty Boucher # 1966/09/17 Seattle, WA, USA
Possibly for a local recognition only; defends the title on 66/09/27 in Seattle, WA and against Judy Grable on 66/10/04 in Chilliwack, BC.
Fabulous Moolah # 1966/10  
Yukiko Tomoe 1968/03/10 Osaka, JPN
Fabulous Moolah [2] 1968/04/02 Hamamatsu, JPN
Susan Green * 1975 Dallas, TX
Fabulous Moolah * 1975 TX
Evelyn Stevens 1978/10/08 Dallas, TX
Fabulous Moolah [3] 1978/10/10 Ft. Worth, TX
WWF withdraws from NWA in 83 and buys the right of the women's world titles from Moolah in 84 (84/06 or 84/07); Moolah is recognized exclusively as a WWF champion.
Wendi Richter 1984/07/23 New York, NY
Leilani Kai 1985/02/18 New York, NY
Wendi Richter [2] 1985/03/31 New York, NY
Fabulous Moolah [4] 1985/11/25 New York, NY
Wins title as masked Spider Lady, unmasks after the match.
Velvet McIntyre 1986/07/03 Brisbane, AUS
Fabulous Moolah [5] 1986/07/09 Sydney, AUS
Sherri Martel 1987/07/24 Houston, TX
Rockin' Robin 1988/10/07 Paris, FRA
Vacant in 90; title inactive.
Alundra Blaze (Madusa Miceli) 1993/12/13 Poughkeepsie, NY
Defeats Heidi Lee Morgan in tournament final.
Bull Nakano 1994/11/20 Tokyo, JPN
Alundra Blaze [2] 1995/04/03 Poughkeepsie, NY
Bertha Faye (Rhonda Singh) 1995/08/27 Pittsburgh, PA
Alundra Blaze [3] 1995/10/23 Brandon, MB, CAN
Vacant in 95/12 when Blaze is fired by WWF; title inactive from 96/01.
Jacqueline 1998/09/15 Sacramento, CA
Defeats Sable.
Sable (Rena Mero) 1998/11/15 St. Louis, MO
Debra McMichael 1999/05/10 Orlando, FL
Defeated by Nicole Bass, subbing for Sable, in an evening gown match; WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels says in his view, the winner of an evening gown match is the one who loses her gown and awards the title to Debra.
Ivory 1999/06/08 Worcester, MA
Fabulous Moolah [7] 1999/10/17 Cleveland, OH
Ivory [2] 1999/10/25 Providence, RI
Miss Kitty/The Kat 1999/12/12 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Defeats Ivory, Jacqueline, and B.B. in an Evening Gown Four Corners match.
Harvina 2000/01/31 Pittsburgh, PA
Reveals himself as Harvey Whippleman after the match.
Jacqueline [2] 2000/02/01 Detroit, MI
Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley 2000/03/28 San Antonio, TX
Lita 2000/08/21 Lafayette, LA
Ivory [3] 2000/10/31 Rochester, NY
Defeats Lita, Trish Stratus & Jacquelyn in a four way match.
Chyna 2001/04/01 Houston, TX
Vacant when Chyna does not renew her contract with WWF in 01/11.
Trish Stratus 2001/11/18 Greensboro, NC
Defeats Jazz, Ivory, Jacqueline, Lita, and Molly in a "Six-Pack Challenge".
Jazz 2002/02/04 Las Vegas, NV
Trish Stratus [2] 2002/05/13 Toronto, ON, CAN
Molly Holly 2002/06/23 Columbus, OH
Trish Stratus [3] 2002/09/22 Los Angeles, CA
Victoria 2002/11/17 New York, NY
Trish Stratus [4] 2003/03/30 Seattle, WA
Defeats Victoria & Jazz in a 3-way match.
Jazz [2] 2003/04/27 Worcester, MA
Gail Kim 2003/06/30 Buffalo, NY
Wins battle royal, last eliminating Victoria; Jazz is eliminated earlier via injury.
Molly (Holly) [2] 2003/07/28 Colorado Springs, CO
Victoria [2] 2004/02/23 Omaha, NE
Defeats Holly, Lita, and Jazz in a 4-way elimination match.
Trish Stratus [5] 2004/06/13 Columbus, OH
Defeats Victoria, Gail Kim, and Lita in a 4-way match.
Lita [2] 2004/12/06 Charlotte, NC
Trish Stratus [6] 2005/01/09 San Juan, PR
Mickie James 2006/04/02 Chicago, IL
Lita [3] 2006/08/14 Charlottesville, VA
Trish Stratus [7] 2006/09/17 Toronto, ON
Her final match in WWE; declared vacant on 06/09/25.
Lita [4] 2006/11/05 Cincinnati, OH
Defeats Mickie James in a tournament final.
Mickie James [2] 2006/11/26 Philadelphia, PA
Melina 2007/02/19 Bakersfield, CA
Mickie James [3] 2007/04/24 Paris, FRA
Pins Victoria in a 3-way match in which Melina participates.
Melina [2] 2007/04/24 Paris, FRA
Candice Michelle 2007/06/24 Houston, TX
Beth Phoenix 2007/10/07 Chicago, IL
Mickie James [4] 2008/04/14 London, GBR
Beth Phoenix [2] 2008/08/17 Indianapolis, IN
Teams with Santino Marella to defeat James & Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston in a winner-take-all tag team match.
Melina [3] 2009/01/25 Detroit, MI
Michelle McCool 2009/06/28 Scramento, CA
Mickie James [5] 2010/01/31 Atlanta, GA
Michelle McCool [2] 2010/02/26 Milwaukee, WI
Beth Phoenix [3] 2010/04/25 Baltimore, MD
Lay-Cool: Michelle McCool # & Layla 2010/05/11 Buffalo, NY
Layla teams with McCool in a handicap match and pins Phoenix; both Layla and McCool claim to be the co-holder of the title; McCool defeats Melina in a singles match to win the Divas Title on 10/09/19 in Rosemont, IL; McCool and Layla claim to be the Unified Divas Co-Champion.

* Unified with WWE Divas Title.

Charlotte (Ashley Fliehr) 2016/04/03 Arlington, TX
Reigning Divas Champion, defeats Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch in a 3-way match for the reinstated Women's Title.
Sasha Banks (Mercedes KV) 2016/07/25 Pittsburgh, PA
Charlotte [2] 2016/08/21 Brooklyn, NY