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Mildred Burke 1937/04
Wins World title from Clara Mortenson; forms WWWA in Los Angeles, CA in early '50s and recognizes herself as the first champion; vacates in 56 upon retirement; title inactive.
Marie Vagnone 1970/08 Los Angeles, CA, USA *
Wins tournament; presented the belt by Mildred Burke.
Aiko Kyo 1970/10/15 Tokyo
Jean Antoine 1972/03/09 Odawara
Aiko Kyo [2] 1972/03/15 Nagoya
Sandy Starr 1972/04/26 Osaka
Aiko Kyo [3] 1972/05/24 Fukuoka
Sarah Lee 1972/07/01 Tokyo
Miyoko Hoshino 1972/07/26 Kasugabe
Sandy Parker 1973/05/15 Choshi
Miyoko Hoshino [2] 1973/07/10 Kasama
Jumbo Miyamoto 1973/09/11 Tokyo
Bambi Ball 1974/03/02 Kawasaki
Vacant when Ball injured.
Jumbo Miyamoto [2] 1974/03/06 Maehashi
Defeats Jane O'Brien.
Jackie West 1974/04/01 Kobe
Jumbo Miyamoto [3] 1974/04/24 Kumamoto
Mach Fumiake 1975/03/19 Tokyo
Jumbo Miyamoto [4] 1975/04/02 Osaka
Mariko Akagi 1976/03/15 Tokyo
Jumbo Miyamoto [5] 1976/04/17 Toyokawa
Maki Ueda 1976/06/08 Tottori
Mariko Akagi [2] 1976/11/30 Tokyo
Maki Ueda [2] 1977/07/29 Tokyo
Jackie Sato 1977/11/01 Tokyo
Monster Ripper 1979/07/31 Tokyo
Jackie Sato [2] 1979/09/13 Tokyo
Monster Ripper [2] 1980/03/15 Kawasaki
Declared vacant on 80/08/08 after a match against Jackie Sato.
Jackie Sato [3] 1980/12/16 Tokyo
Defeats Nancy Kumi.
Rimi Yokota/Jaguar Yokota 1981/02/25 Yokohama
La Galactica 1983/05/07 Kawasaki
Jaguar Yokota [2] 1983/06/01 Ohmiya
Vacant in 85/12 when Yokota retires.
Devil Masami 1985/12/12 Tokyo
Defeats Dump Matsumoto.
Yukari Oomori 1986/08/23 Kawasaki
Chigusa Nagayo 1987/10/20 Tokyo
Lioness Asuka 1988/08/25 Kawasaki
Wins when Nagayo is injured; Asuka refuses the title.
Lioness Asuka 1989/01/29 Tokyo
Defeats Chigusa Nagayo; also recognized as the Unified Global Champion, defeating the American representative Madusa Miceli on 89/05/06 in Yokohama; vacates on 89/07/19 upon retirement.
Bull Nakano 1990/01/04 Tokyo
Defeats Mitsuko Nishiwaki in tournament final.
Aja Kong 1992/11/26 Kawasaki
Manami Toyota 1995/03/26 Yokohama
Aja Kong [2] 1995/06/27 Sapporo
Dynamite Kansai 1995/08/30 Osaka
Manami Toyota [2] 1995/12/04 Tokyo
Kyoko Inoue 1996/12/08 Tokyo
Unifies All Pacific and IWA World Women's titles, defeating Takako Inoue on 97/01/20 in Tokyo; vacates on 97/05/11 in Nagoya, being unsatisfied after a match against Kaoru Itoh ends as a 60min time limit draw.
Kyoko Inoue [2] 1997/06/17 Sapporo
Defeats Kaoru Itoh.
Yumiko Hotta 1997/08/20 Tokyo
Shinobu Kandori 1998/03/21 Tokyo
Yumiko Hotta [2] 1999/03/10 Tokyo
Kyoko Inoue 1999/07/11 Tokyo
Yumiko Hotta [3] 1999/10/22 Fukuoka
Manami Toyota [3] 2000/01/04 Tokyo
Kaoru Itoh 2000/09/17 Tokyo
Manami Toyota [4] 2002/02/24 Yokohama
Kaoru Itoh [2] 2002/07/06 Tokyo
Momoe Nakanishi 2002/10/20 Kawasaki
Ayako Hamada 2003/05/11 Yokohama
Amazing Kong 2004/01/04 Tokyo
Ayako Hamada [2] 2004/05/02 Tokyo
Nanae Takahashi 2004/12/12 Kawasaki
Vacates on 04/12/29 due to injury.
Kumiko Maekawa 2005/01/03 Tokyo
Defeats Ayako Hamada; All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling closes in 05/04.
Nanae Takahashi [2] 2006/03/26 Tokyo
Maekawa puts the title on her retirement match; Takahashi immediately returns the belt to former AJWPW chairman Takashi Matsunaga and abandons the title.

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