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All Pacific Title

Hawaiian Pacific Title ( 1977


1978/12 )
All Pacific Title ( 1978/12 - 2005 )

[ 日本語 ]

Jane O'Brien 1977/08/31
Defeats Maki Ueda to be recognized as Hawaiian Pacific champion.
Yumi Ikeshita 1977/09/01 Honolulu, HI, USA
Title renamed, and Ikeshita is recognized as the first All Pacific champion; vacates in 78 because of an ankle injury.
Chabera Romero 1978/05/20 Ohmiya
Defeats Maki Ueda.
Maki Ueda 1978/08/09 Tokyo
Vacates on 79/02/27 to concentrate on winning the WWWA World title.
Tomi Aoyama 1979/09/27 Osaka
Defeats Leilani Kai; vacates in 79 because of a knee injury.
Yumi Ikeshita [2] 1980/02/21 Nagoya
Defeats Lucy Kayama.
Mimi Hagiwara 1981/02/25 Yokohama
Vacates on 81/08/29 to challenge for WWWA World title.
Jumbo Hori 1982/01/12 Chiba
Defeats Wild Kazuki; vacates on 82/06/15 to challenge for WWWA World tag team title.
Judy Martin 1982/10/05 Osaka
Defeats Yukari Ohmori.
Mimi Hagiwara [2] 1982/11/04 Himeji
Vacates on 83/11/26 upon retirement.
Devil Masami 1984/04/01 Tokyo
Defeats Judy Martin; vacant on 85/12/12 when Devil wins WWWA World title.
Chigusa Nagayo 1986/04/05 Tokyo
Defeats Dump Matsumoto.
Leilani Kai 1986/08/21 Tokyo
Chigusa Nagayo [2] 1987/04/27 Osaka
Vacates on 89/05/06 upon retirement.
Bull Nakano 1989/06/18 Tokyo
Defeats Mitsuko Nishiwaki.
Noriyo Tateno 1989/11/13 Ashikaga
Aja Kong 1990/04/30 Chiba
Suzuka Minami 1990/06/17 Tokyo
Vacant when Minami refuses the title after winning by DQ.
Manami Toyota 1990/10/07 Tokyo
Defeats Bison Kimura in tournament final.
Suzuka Minami [2] 1991/03/17 Tokyo
Akira Hokuto 1991/04/29 Tokyo
Suzuka Minami [3] 1991/10/04 Tokyo
Bison Kimura 1991/10/26 Toyama
Kyoko Inoue 1992/06/05 Asahikawa
Akira Hokuto [2] 1992/11/26 Kawasaki
Vacant in 93/08 when Hokuto is injured.
Toshiyo Yamada 1993/11/28 Osaka
Defeats Manami Toyota.
Kyoko Inoue [2] 1994/03/27 Yokohama
Manami Toyota [2] 1994/08/24 Tokyo
Toshiyo Yamada [2] 1995/03/26 Yokohama
Defeat Takako Inoue and Reggie Bennet in a triangular match.
Yumiko Hotta 1995/09/24 Kawasaki
Vacates in 96/05(or 96/04) to concentrate on WWWA World title and the vale tudo rule matches.
Reggie Bennet 1996/06/22 Sapporo
Defeats Kaoru Itoh in tournament final.
Takako Inoue 1996/11/21 Kobe
Has won IWA World Women's Title, defeating Reggie Bennet on 95/12/04 in Tokyo.
Kyoko Inoue [3] 1997/01/20 Tokyo
Has won WWWA World Title, defeating Manami Toyota on 96/12/08 in Tokyo; unifies three titles on 97/01/20; vacates on 97/05/11 in Nagoya, being unsatisfied after a match against Kaoru Itoh ends as a 60min time limit draw.
Takako Inoue [2] 1997/06/18 Sapporo
Defeats Toshiyo Yamada; Takako is injured in 97/07; Tomoko Watanabe defeats Kaoru Itoh to become temporary champion on 97/08/22 in Osaka; Takako defeats Watanabe on 98/01/03 in Tokyo to unify titles.
Zap T (Tomoko Watanabe) 1998/04/21 Osaka
Kumiko Maekawa 1998/05/05 Tokyo
Yasha Kurenai 1998/11/29 Yokohama
Kumiko Maekawa [2] 1999/02/26 Tokyo
Azumi Hyuga 2000/02/11 Tokyo
Tomoko Watanabe [2] 2000/07/15 Tokyo
Kumiko Maekawa [3] 2001/09/16 Tokyo
Vacates after defending against Momoe Nakanishi on 2001/10/24.
Momoe Nakanishi 2002/02/24 Yokohama
Vacates on 02/09/08 to concentrate on winning WWWA World Title.
noki-A 2002/10/20 Kawasaki
Defeats Kayo Noumi in a tournament final.
Kayo Noumi 2002/12/22 Kawasaki
Vacant on 04/04/18 when Noumi retires.
Mika Nishio 2004/07/18 Tokyo
Defeats Hikaru in the 4-woman tournament final.
Hikaru 2004/11/07 Tokyo
Lioness Asuka 2005/02/20 Tokyo
Vacates immediately after winning the title due to Hikaru's injury.

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