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International Wrestling Association
Women's World Title

Rhonda Singh/Monster Ripper # 1987/12
Recognized as champion in Calgary area; announced as having defeated Wendy Richter before coming to Calgary.
Chigusa Nagayo 1988/09/22 Calgary, AB, CAN
Defeats Ripper in 4-woman tournament final to become first champion.
Madusa Miceli 1989/01/04 Tokyo, JPN
Chigusa Nagayo [2] 1989/01/05 Tokyo, JPN
Vacates on 89/05/06 upon retirement.
Madusa Miceli [2] 1989/09/14 Kumamoto, JPN
Defeats Beastie; vacant in 91.
Kyoko Inoue 1991/08/31 Mito, JPN
Defeats Debbie Malenko.
Manami Toyota 1992/04/25 Yokohama, JPN
Reggie Bennet 1995/05/15 Niigata, JPN
Takako Inoue 1995/12/04 Tokyo, JPN
Unifies All Pacific Title, defeating Reggie Bennet on 96/11/21 in Kobe.
Kyoko Inoue [2] 1997/01/20 Tokyo, JPN
Has won WWWA World Title, defeating Manami Toyota on 96/12/08 in Tokyo; unifies three titles on 97/01/20; vacates on 97/05/11 in Nagoya, being unsatisfied after a match against Kaoru Itoh ends as a 60min time limit draw; title retired.