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American Wrestling Association
Women's World Title

June Byers 1954/08/20 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Mildred Burke for NWA World Title; continues to be recognized by AWA after it splits from NWA in 60; title is declared vacant by AWA in 63.
Kay Noble 1963/04/13 St. Paul, MN
Defeats Kathy Starr for the vacant title; Byers continues to be recognized by NWA until her retirement in 64/01.
Betty Niccoli 1969/11/08<
Vivian Vachon 1971/11/04 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Betty Niccoli [2] 1975/03/27<
Candi Devine * 1984/11 Minneapolis, MN
Wins battle royal; vacant in 85.
Candi Devine 1985/09
Sherri Martel 1985/09/28 Chicago, IL
Candi Devine [2] 1985/10
Awarded without title match.
Sherri Martel [2] 1985/10/17 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Candi Devine [3] 1986/01/16 Winnipeg, MB, CAN
Sherri Martel [3] 1986/06/28 Oakland, CA
Vacant on 87/07/25 when Martel jumps to WWF.
Madusa Miceli 1987/12/27 Las Vegas, NV
Defeats Candi Devine.
Wendi Richter 1988/11/26 Bloomington, MN
Vacant in 89/12.
Candi Devine [4] 1989/12/06 Toronto, ON, CAN
Defeats Judy Martin; AWA closes in 91; still/again billed as champion in 95/01.

* See also AWA World Women's Title (AWA Superstars of Wrestling).