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AWA Superstars of Wrestling
World Women's Title

Sherri Martel 1999/05
Dale Gagne (Dale Gagner) has supposedly purchased the rights to the AWA name (not the promotion itself) in 96 and starts his own promotion; Martel is awarded by president Dale Gagne (Dale Gagner) but refuses his terms and instead defeats Gagne's hand-picked opponent, Ms. Manners (Adrian Lync) to win the title on 99/06/17 in Fargo, ND; vacant in 2006; the promoters claims the lineage linked to Verne Gagne's AWA World Women's Title.
Nanae Takahashi 2006/10/01 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Africa 55.
Amazing Kong 2007/01/14 Tokyo, JPN
Also wins NWA World Title, winning a double-title match against MsChif on 07/05/05 in Streamwood, IL.
Nanae Takahashi [2] 2007/05/13 Los Angeles, CA
Wins AWA Title only; declared vacant on 07/05/14 because of a controversy in the match.
Nanae Takahashi [3] 2007/05/27 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Wesna Busic and Amazing Kong in a 3-way match; AWA officially announces that the title is retired upon the death of the former champion Sherri Martel and Takahashi's title is recognized as "AWA Japan Women's Title"; however, in Japan, Takahashi continues to be billed as a world champion.
Jamie D. 2007/08/05 Tokyo, JPN
Saki Maemura 2007/10/07 Osaka, JPN
Hikaru defeats Maemura on 07/12/16 in Honolulu, HI to become the first HCW World champion with the stipulation that Hikaru is awarded the HCW title if she wins or must have her head shaved.

* See HCW World Women's Title.