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American Wrestling Federation
World Women's Title

[ Japanese ]

Luna Vachon96<
First champion.
Emi Motokawa97/08/13
Yuko Kosugi 99/03/19Tokyo
Megumi Yabushita 99/08/22Tokyo
The Bloody99/10/06Kawasaki
Yoshiko Tamura99/12/07Tokyo
The Bloody [2]00/01/10Tokyo
Vacates on 00/05/03.
Yuko Kosugi00/05/03Tokyo
Defeats Megumi Yabushita in a 5-woman "LSD 2000" rules match; vacant in 00/08 upon retirement.
Drake Morimatsu00/08/27Tokyo
Wins 4-woman "LSD 2000" rules match.
Megumi Yabushita00/11/28Tokyo
Sumie Sakai01/03/18Tokyo
The Bloody [3]01/04/29Tokyo
Fang Suzuki01/12/15Tokyo
Defeats The Bloody and Sumie Sakai in a 3-way matchl; vacates right after the match.
The Bloody [4]01/12/29Tokyo
Defeats Fang Suzuki; vacant in 02/01 due to leg injury.
Sumie Sakai [2]02/01/27Tokyo
Defeats Fang Suzuki, KAZUKI and Sachie Abe in a 4-way cage match.
Etsuko Mita02/04/26Tokyo
Misae Genki03/05/05Tokyo
Tannie Mouse04/06/26Tokyo
Jaguar Yokota04/07/21Tokyo
Vacates before the scheduled title defense in ladder match on 10/07/11.
Miss Mongol 10/07/11 Tokyo
Wins a 7-way ladder match against Yokota, Apple Miyuki, Commando Bolshoi, Tsubasa Kuragaki, Sachie Abe, and Death Worm; vacates in 10.
Emi Sakura (Emi Motokawa) [2] 13/06/01 Tokyo
Defeats Kappa Komachi (Kappa Kozo/Asian Cooger); defeats Annin Shihan to win the vacant IWA World Heavyweight and World Junior Heavyweight titles on 13/11/16 in Tokyo to be recognized as the IWA Triple Crown champion.

* See IWA Triple Crown Title.

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