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World Wrestling Council
World Women's Title

Wendi Richter1987/05<
Monster Ripper (Rhonda Singh)1987
Wendi Richter [2]1987/07/28TRI
Monster Ripper [2]1990/07/07Bayamón, PR
Defeats Candi Devine in tournament final.
Sasha1990/10/13Caguas, PR
Monster Ripper [3]1990/11/10Bayamón, PR
Sasha [2]1990/12/15Bayamón, PR
Monster Ripper [4]1991/03/09Carolina, PR
Candi Devine1991/05/11Guaynabo, PR
Monster Ripper [5]1991/09/07Caguas, PR
Sasha [3]1991/10/05Carolina, PR
La Tigresa1992/04/26Cayey, PR
Title held up after a match against Sasha on 92/06/13 in Carolina, PR.
La Tigresa [2]1992/07/22Corozal, PR
Awarded title after Sasha no-showed.
Amaryllis1992/08/09Ponce, PR
Vacant in 92/10 when Amaryllis leaves the promotion.
Sasha [4]1992/11/21Caguas, PR
Defeats La Tigresa.
La Tigresa [3]1993/04/17Bayamón, PR
Vacant on 98/02/25 when Tigresa is arrested on drug charges; title retired on 99/03/01.
Génesis2006/03/25Carolina, PR
Wins a battle royal for the revived title.
Lady Demonique2006/05/06Caguas, PR
Black Rose2006/06/24Bayamón, PR
Vacate in 06.
Amazona2007/10/27Bayamón, PR
Defeats Génesis.
Killer Kat 2008/05/03Ponce, PR
Sweet Nancy 2009/01/24 Bayamón, PR
Killer Kat [2] 2009/05/09 Caguas, PR
Defeats Jay and La Morena in a 3-way match; stripped on 10/02/17 but reinstated on 10/03/12.
Debbie Rose 2010/05/08 Lajas, PR
Black Rose 2010/10/02 Bayamón, PR
Title inactive in 11.

* Special thanks to Brian J. Ortega Muñiz for belt photos and past information.