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Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
Women's World Title

(as of 2017/11/03)

Bull Nakano1992/06/12Mexico City
Defeats Lola Gonzales in tournament final.
Xochitl Hamada1993/03/21Mexico City
La Diabolica1993/10/10Mexico City
Reina Jubuki (Akira Hokuto)1994/07/30Puebla
Stripped of the title after appearing on a WCW card on 96/11/04.
Lady Apache1996/11/08Mexico City
Defeats Chaparita Asari in a four-women tournament final.
Mariko Yoshida1997/02/06Tokyo, JPN
Has not defended the title since 98/06 and is ordered by CMLL to vacate it in 99/02.
Lady Apache [2]1999/05/15Naucalpan
Vacant on 00/08/18 when Apache leaves the promotion.
La Diabolica [2]2001
Awarded; stripped after joining AAA on 03/04/05
Marcela2005/09/16Mexico City
Defeats Dark Angel.
Hiroka (Raven Hiroka)2006/06/09Mexico City
Lady Apache [3]2006/12/25Mexico City
Amapola2007/11/16Mexico City
Marcela [2] 2011/10/28 Mexico City
Ayumi Kurihara 2011/11/26 Tokyo, JPN
Marcela [3] 2012/03/09 Puebla
Syuri (Shuri Kondo) 2014/12/12 Tokyo, JPN
Marcela [4] 2015/04/10 Mexico City
Dalis la Caribeña 2016/03/11 Mexico City