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Last updated on 2010/11/06

American Light Heavyweight Title

Charles Olson1906/05<
Defeats Martin "Farmer" Burns on 06/05/18 in Asheville, NC (not clear whether Olson wins the title or defends it in this match); still/again holds the title in 09/01.
John Berg 1912/02/05<
Recognized as champion in Los Angeles, CA and Vancouver, BC.
Theodore Peter 1913/01/05<
Recognized as champion in Minnesota.
Paul Martinson 1919/01/22<
Recognized as champion in Indiana.
George Alexander 1920/04/14<
Recognized as champion Ohio.
George Romanoff 1933/11/03<
Billed as United States Light Heavyweight Title; has faced Harry Nixon for the title on 33/10/02 in Atlanta, GA (winner unknown)

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