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Last updated on 2016/07/13

Southern Light Heavyweight Title

John Berg 1911/01/10<  
May be vacant after Berg defeats Cyclone Burns on 11/03/21 in San Antonio, TX for the World Title.
Ernest Glover 1925/01/07<  
Still/again claims the title in Louisiana as of 25/05/26; in Victoria, TX, John Ellis claims the title as of 25/02/13.
Hugh Nichols 1926<  
Joe Shimkus 1926/05/05 Dallas, TX
Charlie Fox 1926/06/02 Dallas, TX
Frankie Hill 1939/12/10<  
Wins the title "in Baton Rouge, LA, last July"; still champion as of 40/10/21.
Chris Belkas 1950/03/11<  
Billed as champion in El Paso, TX.