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Last updated on 2016/08/07

American Heavyweight Title
[Turn of the Century]

Edwin Bibby 1881/01/19 New York, NY
Defeats Duncan C. Ross in a catch-as-catch-can match for "the championship of America".
Joe Acton 1882/08/07 New York, NY
Has defeated Tom Cannon on 1881/12/09 in London, GBR for World Catch-as-Catch-Can Title; Bibby is billed as champion for a match against world greco-roman champion William Muldoon on 82/09/03 in Elmira, NY.
Evan "Strangler" Lewis 1887/04/11 Chicago, IL
The match, initially scheduled on 87/03/14, is postponed to 87/04/11; also defeats Greco-Roman Title holder Ernest Roeber on 93/03/02 in New Orleans, LA in a best-of-5-falls mixed match with greco-roman and catch-as-catch-can styles; also billed as World Catch-as-Catch-Can Title.
Martin "Farmer" Burns 1895/04/20 Chicago, IL
Also billed as World Catch-as-Catch-Can Title.
Dan McLeod 1897/10/26 Indianapolis, IN
Tom Jenkins 1901/11/07 Cleveland, OH
Dan McLeod [2] 1902/12/25 Worcester, MA
Tom Jenkins [2] 1903/04/03 Buffalo, NY
Frank Gotch 1904/01/27 Bellingham, WA
Defeats alleged Cornish-style world champion Tim Harrington on 04/11/04 in Butte, MT.
Tom Jenkins [3] 1905/03/15 New York, NY
Georg Hackenschmidt defeats Jenkins on 05/05/04 in New York, NY in world championship match; Jenkins continues to be recognized as American champion.
Frank Gotch [2] 1906/05/23 Kansas City, MO
Fred Beell 1906/12/01 New Orleans, LA
Frank Gotch [3] 1906/12/17 Kansas City, MO
Vacant after Gotch defeats Georg Hackenschmidt on 08/04/03 in Chicago, IL to win the World title.
Henry Ordemann 1910/10/25 Minneapolis, MN
Defeats Charlie Cutler and awarded the title by the special referee Frank Gotch.
Charlie Cutler 1911/02/01 Minneapolis, MN
Dr. Benjamin Roller 1911/03/06 Chicago, IL
Charlie Cutler [2] 1911/03/25 Buffalo, NY
Jess Reimer 1911/11/07 Des Moines, IA
Henry Ordemann [2] 1911/12/14 Minneapolis, MN
Charlie Cutler [3] 1912/03/25 Chicago, IL
Jess Westergaard (Reimer) defeats Ordemann on 13/01/07 in Minneapolis, MN to claim a title but loses to Cutler on 13/01/22 in Dallas, TX.
Dr. Benjamin Roller [2] 1913/07/04 Benton Harbor, MI
Ed "Strangler" Lewis 1913/09/18 Lexington, KY
William Demetral 1913/10/21 Lexington, KY
Dr. Benjamin Roller [3] 1914/07/10 Rock Island, IL
Has prevsiouly claimed the title, defeats Demetral to end the dispute; Joe Stecher also claims the title as of 15/05; Ed "Strangler" Lewis defeats Roller during an international tournament on 16/01/15 in New York, NY (title may not be on line).
Wladek Zbyszko 1917/01/08 Wilkes-Barre, PA
Still/again champion as of 22/09/22 (or a different reign, possibly by winning a tournament which has started on 22/02/21).

* Special thanks to Mark Madison for the history from 1880s and Tim Hornbaker for the 1910s.

The U.S. national heavyweight titles since 20th Century

NWA United States Title [various versions] ( 1953/09 - 2000/11 )
American Title [S. California] ( 1957 - 1963 )
AWA (Alliance) United States Title [various versions] ( 1959 - 1964 )
AWA (Association) United States Title ( 1960 - 1962 )
WWWF / WWE United States Title ( 1963 - 71; 2003 - )
NWA United States / American Title [E. Texas] ( 1967 - 1986 )
United States Title [All Japan/PWF] ( 1970/12 - 1978 )
NWA National Title ( 1980 - 86/08; 1997 - )