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Pacific Wrestling Federation
United States Heavyweight Title

The Destroyer 1970/12
Has the belt made due to the poor condition of the Honolulu-based North American Heavyweight Championship belt; when he leaves the promotion for a world tour, he takes the belt with him and is billed as United States champion.
Peter Maivia 1970/12 SAM
The Destroyer [2] 1970/12
Starts defending title in Japan in 72; becomes a PWF title in 74.
Abdullah the Butcher 1975/10/12 Osaka, JPN
The Destroyer [3] 1975/12/03 Kiryu, JPN
Title held-up on 76/10/10 after a match against Abdullah the Butcher.
The Destroyer [4] 1976/10/28 Tokyo, JPN
Defeats Abdullah the Butcher in rematch.
Mil Mascaras 1978/08/18 Kagoshima, JPN
The Destroyer [5] 1978/09/11 Morioka, JPN