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Last updated on 2011/07/23

World Light Heavyweight Title

Clarence Eklund 1925/01/21<
Ted Thye 1926/02/10 Columbus, OH
Clarence Eklund [2] 1926/06/02 Columbus, OH
Ira Dern 1927/01/01 Columbus, OH
Vacant sometime after 27/07/20 when Dern's weight exceeds the division limit.
Pinky Gardner 1927/08/24 Columbus, OH
Defeats Clarence Eklund.
Clarence Eklund [3]1927/12/14Columbus, OH
Wins tournament on 28/11/20 in Melbourne, AUS to become the undisputed champion; declared vacant by the National Wrestling Association when Eklund declines invitation to participate in tournament in 30.

* See also MWA World Light Heavyweight Title.