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Last updated on 2014/02/15

Canadian Light Heavyweight Title

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Clarence Eklund # 1915/07/15<
Recognized as Canadian champion in Iowa.
Frank Lamarque1923<Saskatchewan
Defeats Charles Gustafson.
Carl van Wurden @1923<
George Thompson @1923
Nels Moe @1923
Herb Parks1932/09/05Vancouver, BC
Defeats Jack Idler.
Abe Marshall # 1934/01/04<  
Billed as champion in Florida; may not be recognized in Canada.
Ernie Piluso *1938/10<
Jack McLauchlan *1938/10/06Vancouver, BC
John Bonica1939
May have wrestled as Johnny Walker.
Martini Angelo 1945/10/01<

* See also NWA Canadian Light Heavyweight Title.

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