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Last updated on 2017/10/06

Canadian Light Heavyweight Title

Joe Laselle # 1908/12/14<  
Billed as champion in Logansport, IN, USA.

George Walker 1913/04/09 Ottawa, ON
Defeats Charlie Fraser; still champion as of 13/05/01; Clarence Eklund is billed as champion in Iowa, USA as of 15/07/15.
Young Connor 1918/02/28<  
Gust Pappas 1918/03/06 Vancouver, BC
George Walker [2] 1919/06/26<  
Also defeats Emile Maupas on 20/12/06 in Ottawa, ON; in Vancouver, BC, Eugene O'Connor is billed as champion as of 19/09/19; Karl Lehto defeats Walker on 21/10/14 in Sudbury, ON but refuses the title because of the match being "farce" with a biased refree and unregulation conditions of the mat and audience; Walker is still champion as of 22/04/03.
Nick Bonzine 1922/11/11 Wellsboro, PA, USA
Defeats Jack Albright; also reported in Vancouver, BC.
Frank Lamarque1923< SK
Defeats Charles Gustafson.
Carl van Wurden @1923<
George Thompson @1923
Nels Moe @1923
Herb Parks1932/09/05Vancouver, BC
Defeats Jack Idler.
Speedy Lawrence # 1930/01/30<  
Billed as champion in Wisconsin.
Abe Marshall # 1934/01/04<  
Billed as champion in Florida; may not be recognized in Canada.
Jack McLauchlan *1938/10/06Vancouver, BC
Defeats Ernie Piluso; may be for a different title.
John Bonica1939
May have wrestled as Johnny Walker.
Steve Kosak 1943/04/09<
Herb Parks 1945/09<
Billed as having won the title in 38.
Angelo Curto (Martino Angelo) 1945/09/18 Hamilton, ON
Still champion as of 45/10/01.
Art Lampfier 1948/12/08<  
Ex-champion on this day.

* See also NWA Canadian Light Heavyweight Title.