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Last updated on 2018/01/11

World Light Heavyweight Title
[Iowa / Nebraska]

Clarence Eklund1917/04/26Charles City, IA
Defeats Helmer Myer.
Helmer Myre1918/03/14Charles City, IA
Clarence Eklund [2]1919/02/17Charles City, IA
Also defeats title claimant George Kotsonaros on 20/02/27 in Houston, TX; Myre is again billed as champion in Abert Lea, MN as of 20/09/30.
Helmer Myre [2]1922/04/28Abert Lea, MN
Still champion as of 23/12/08; former champion as of 24/02/01.

Billy Edwards 1924/04/02 Portland, OR
Defeats Ted Thye for the recognition in Pacific Northwest and is also recognized in Nebraska as of 24/06/05.

Charlie Fischer1930/08/05< 
Still/again claims both World Light Heavyweight and Middleweight titles in Council Bluffs, IA as of 33/02/21.

Marion Mynster1931/11< 
Has defeated Joe Banaski for MWA World Title in a disputed decision on 31/09/16 in Columbus, OH; recognized in Iowa as of 31/11; Banaski continues to claim the title in Cleveland, OH; John Kilonis defeats Mynster in 31/09 or 31/10 in a disputed decision, but Mynster continues to claim the title.
Adam Krieger1932/01/11Council Bluffs, IA
Defeats Mynster and is recognized in Nebraska and Iowa.
Billy Schober 1933/03/28 Council Bluffs, IA
Adam Kreiger [2] 1933/04/11 Council Bluffs, IA
Marion Mynster [2] 1934/02/02 Council Bluffs, IA
Billy Weidner 1938/11/02<  
Has defeated Frankie Talaber for MWA World Title on 38/03/30 in Columbus, OH; recognized in Iowa as of 38/11/02; Joe Turner is recognized as champion in Burlington, IA as of 38/11/22.

Bobby Chick1937/02/21< 
NWA World Champion, recognized in Beatrice, NE.

Johnny Carlin1942/08< 
Billed as "National Wrestling Association" World Light Heavyweight champion in Iowa; has previously claimed Swedish Title.
Ken Fenelon1942/08/26Des Moines, IA
Recognized as National Wrestling Alliance World Junior Heavyweight Title as of 43/05/23 by Pinkie George, who would newly found the National Wrestling Alliance in 48.

* Replaced with NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title (Iowa).