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Last updated on 2017/08/27

World Light Heavyweight Title

William Demetral 1906 London, ENG *
Wins a 2-week tournament.
Yussif Hussane 1909/09/03 Dallas, TX
Also recognized in Oklahoma; still champion as of 09/10/15.
William Demetral [2] 1909/11/04<
Billed as champion in Muskogee, OK; Charles Olson also claims the title in Dallas, TX as of 10/01/25.
Ad Santel (Adolph Ernst) 1913/01/14 Woodward, OK
Defeats William Demetral; continues to be recognized in Texas until mid-20s (see below).

Cyclone Burns 1911/02/07<  
Also recognized in North Carolina.
John Berg 1911/03/21 San Antonio, TX

William Demetral [3] 1913/03/15<  
Billed as champion in Waco, TX on 13/03/15.
Pet Brown 1916/09<  
Said to have won the title from Demetral.
Clarence Eklund 1916/09/14? Houston, TX
Or 17/11/30 in Houston, TX; also defeats another claimants George Kotsonaros on 20/02/27 in Houston, TX and Harry Mamos on 23/11/27 in Houston, TX; Ad Santel is listed as the undisputed champion on a Houston, TX paper on 18/04/21 and claims the title in Texas in the 20s; Young Jordan is billed as champion in Galveston, TX as of 21/03/22.
Billy Edwards 1927/01/03 Dallas, TX
Hugh Nichols 1927/03/07 Dallas, TX
Clarence Eklund [2] 1927/11/14 Dallas, TX
John Shimkus 1928/01/24 Dallas, TX
Clarence Eklund [3] 1928/02/14 Dallas, TX
Also wins tournament on 28/11/20 in Melbourne, AUS to become the undisputed champion, defeating Ted Thye in the final and Ad Santel in earlier round; declared vacant by the National Wrestling Association when Eklund declines invitation to participate in tournament in 30; continue to claim the title in Montana but retires in 31 (or 32?).
Hugh Nichols [2] 1930/04/04 Cincinnati, OH, USA
Defeats Joe Banaski in NBA World Light Heavyweight Wrestling Championship tournament final.

* See NWA World Light Heavyweight Title.