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Last updated on 2016/07/02


Adon Butler 1889/02/19<  
Reigning American Lightweight champion, starts claiming the world title sometime after 1888/12/08; still champion as of 90/01/06.

Max Wiley 1902/06/27 Spokane, WA
Defeats Ernest Maxwell to be recognized as North American champion; later claims the world title; also recognized in Toledo, OH; still/again champion as of 05/12/19.

George Bothner 1903/04/02 New York, NY, USA
Reigning American Lightweight champion, defeats English champion Tom Riley to become the World Lightweight champion; has been presented Police Gazette title belt in 1899; also holds World Welterweight Title after 11; loses to Alex Swanson on 06/01/12 in New York, NY, to Eugene Tremblay on 07/04/06 in Montreal, QC, and to Max Luttbeg on 07/09/09 in Kansas City, MO but continues to defend the Lighweight title until 15.
Eugene Tremblay 1908/11/27 Brooklyn, NY, USA
Again defeats Bothner on 09/04/03 in Chicago, IL.
Jean Paradis 1913/02/28 Montreal, QC, CAN
Eugene Tremblay [2] 1913/09<
Walter Miller 1914/01/25 Ft. William, ON, CAN
Eugene Tremblay [3] 1914/03/28<
Jean Paradis defeats Tremblay on 14/04/01 in Montreal, QC, but the decision is later over-turned when Paradis is proven three pounds overweight; loses to another claimant Milton Harnden on 17/11/15 in Bellingham, WA but continues to defend the title (see below).
Peter Plourde 1920/09/22 Lowell, MA, USA

Johnny Billiter 1907/03/08 Toledo, OH
United States champion defeats William Morrison, billed as English champion; also defeats Walter Morrison on 07/03/19 to be recognized in Kansas City, KS.
Max Luttbeg 1907/04/29 Kansas City, KS
Also defeats George Bothner on 07/09/09 in Kansas City, MO.
Johnny Billiter [2] 1908/10/02<  
Al Wasem 1911/12/03 St. Louis, MO, USA
Billiter continues to claim the title.
Johnny Billiter [3] 1912/04/04 St. Louis, MO, USA
Loses to Milton Harnden on 14/06/12 in Bellingham, WA but continues to defend the title; still/again recognized as champion as of 19/03/20; Wasem continues to claim the title as late as 13/07/05.

Young Miller 1909/01/25 St. Paul, MN, USA
Defeats Fred Bartle and claims the title.

Bert Kincaid 1912/11/15<
Recognized in Nevada; still champion as of 13/08/26.

Owen Daily 1914/10/31<
Recognized in Nebraska.
Johnny Makie 1914/12
Owen Daily [2] 1915/01/27 Lincoln, NE, USA
Loses to another claimant Milton Harnden on 17/02/13 in Bellingham, WA but continues to defend the title in Nebraska (see below); defeats another claimant Jack Fisher on 17/04/19 in Minden, NE when Fisher leaves the town before the match; Daily no longer billed as champion in Lincoln as of 19/02/19.

Milton Harnden 1914/01<
Recognized in northwestern states including Washington and Utah; defeats the following claimants in Bellingham, WA:
  • Johnny Billiter on 14/06/12
  • Owen Daily on 17/02/13
  • Eugene Tremblay on 17/11/15
Still/again champioin as of 20/12 and 26/03/04.

Jack Fisher 1916/12/27<
Also defeats Johnny Billiter and Al Wasem sometime before 17/04; loses to another claimant Owen Daily on 17/04/19 in Minden, NE by default when Fisher leaves the town before the match but continues to claim the title in other states.
Billy Trout 1921/09/22 Kokomo, IN
Jack Fisher [2] 1921/03/01 Kokomo, IN
Trout continues to claim the title and loses to Matty Matsuda on 22/08/25 in Junction City, KS.
Billy Trout [2] 1922/11 Kokomo, IN
Jack Fisher [3] 1926/01/06<
Retires as champion sometime before 31/09.

Walter Keegan 1918<

Johnny Meyers 1919/01/22<
Recognized in Wisconsin.

Roy Hughes 1921/07/21<
Recognized in Iowa.
Vernon Breedlove 1922/11/14<
Jack Gorman 1924/04
Forced to vacate in 28 (sometime before 28/06/26) when Gorman can no longer maintain the weight limit.
Vernon Breedlove [2] 1930/02/06<
Still/again champion as of 33/05/26; still/again claims lightweight, featherweight, and bantamweight titles as of 35/04/01.

Steve Graf 1924/04
Claims the title in Detroit, MI.

Charlie Heard * 1933<

Leroy Ferguson 1935/09/24< Liverpool, ENG *
Reporeted in Paris, TX to have won the title from "Terrible Jap".

George Karavas 1937/01/14<

Sammy Stein 1938/11/24 Mexico City, MEX
Defeats Lobo Negro for the title.

Earl Conrad 1938/12/15<
Still champion as of 40/02/01.

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