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World Wrestling Association
World Lightweight Title
(as of 2013/05/17)

Mano Negra1987<
El Hijo del Black Shadow1990/07<
Askari El Gringo1990/12/29Tuxtla Gutierrez
El Hijo del Black Shadow [2]1991/11
El Espanto Jr.1992/08/07Queretaro
Rey Misterio Jr.
Juventud Guerrera1993/10Monterrey
Rey Misterio Jr. [2]1994/11/30Matamoros
Juventud Guerrera1995/03/02Xalapa
Wins title in tag team match.
Rey Misterio Jr. [3]1995/06/16Queretearo
Hijo de Rey Misterio 2011/05/27 Tijuana
Defeats Steve Pain in 4-man tournament final for what is originally billed as for the Welterweight Title; on 13/05/17, Angel Blanco Jr. claims that the title change involving Hijo de Rey Misterio has been for the Lighweight Title.