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Last updated on 2017/10/16

World Welterweight Title
[Michigan & Ohio]

Bobby Reakes 1903/02/16<  
Billed as champion in Lima, OH; may be American Title.
Max Wiley 1904/10/26<  
Recognized in Ohio.
George Bothner 1906/03<  
Al Ackerman 1906/03/28 Lima, OH
Also defeats Alexander Swanson on 06/10/30 in Lima, OH; still/again champion as of 08/11/16.
Young Miller (Walter Miller) 1909/02/12<
Recognized in Ohio.
Otto Suter 1909/05/13 Cleveland, OH
Defeats Canadian champion Charles Conkle and is recognized as the world champion; still champion as of 09/06/28.
Al Ackerman [2] 1909/10/28<  
Recognized in Ohio; still/again champion as of 11/05/26.
Matty Matsuda 1912/01/05<  
Recognized in Ohio.
Johnny Meyers 1917/11/01<
Recognized in Michigan.
Matty Matsuda [2] 1918/10/07 Columbus, OH
Defeats William Johansen; still champion as of 20/10/23.
Ray Carpenter 1923<  
Jack Reynolds 1923  
Ray Carpenter [2] 1924/04/29 Columbus, OH
Jack Reynolds [2] 1924/07/10 Columbus, OH
Also defeats title claimant Tommy Record on 25/03/18 in Columbus, OH.
Matty Matsuda [3] 1925/06/16 El Paso, TX
Bobby Roscoe 1925/06/24 Columbus, OH
Jack Reynolds [3] 1925/08/13 Columbus, OH
Bert Willard 1927/08/17 Columbus, OH
Jack Reynolds [4] 1927/09/07 Columbus, OH
Bobby Chick 1928/03 Louisville, KY
Jack Reynolds [5] 1928/05/23 Columbus, OH
Also defeats Robin Reed, who has been claiming the title since 26/03, on 29/01/01 in Columbus, OH; recognized by National Boxing Association after defeating Charlie Grip on 30/02/21 in Cincinnati, OH; vacates on 30/03/22.
Jack Reynolds [6] 1930/04/12
Reinstated by NBA president Stanley Isaacs on 30/04/12; Earl McCann defeats Reynolds on 33/02/17 in Cincinnati, OH, but the decisions is reversed after the match; Reynolds defeats McCann on 33/07/06 in Cincinnati, OH.
Earl McCann 1933/02/17 Cincinnati, OH
Not recognized by the National Wrestling Association which reverses the decisions after the match; recognized as champion in Detroit, MI.
Jack Reynolds [7] 1933/07/06 Cincinnati, OH
Lord Lansdowne Finnegan 1935/01/31 San Francisco, CA
Jack Reynolds [8] 1935/05/03 Louisville, KY
Recognized as champion at the NBA & NWA joint annual convention on 35/09/17; loses to Jack Domar in 37 (sometime before 37/03/19) in Toledo, OH but Domar later gives up the title being over weight limit; vacates upon retirement in 37 (New York Times, 45/01/10); still listed as champion by NWA on 38/09/15; NWA title is listed as vacant as of 40/09 (The Evening Independent, 40/09/10).