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Last updated on 2016/03/28

World Lightweight Title
[New York / New England]

Fred Duncan 1898/11/05 New York, NY
Reigning American Lightweight champion, defeats Ohio champion Al Williams to claim the world title.
Harvey Parker 1900/12/21<
George Bothner 1901/12/02 New York, NY
Also defeats English champion Tom Riley on 03/04/02 in New York, NY for further claim.
Eugene Tremblay 1908/11/27 Brooklyn, NY
Has been recognized as the champion in Boston, MA as early as 07/11/19; Kid Bryson is billed as champion in Newport, RI on 09/01/28.
George Bothner [2] 1909/09/09<
Billed as champion in Lowell, MA as of 09/09/09 and in New York, NY as of 11/06/28; World Middleweight, Welterweight, and Lightweight champion as of 15/11/30.
Eugene Tremblay [2] 1920/03/15<
Peter Plourde 1920/09/22 Lowell, MA