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Last updated on 2017/08/11


Benny Jones 1886/10/04<
Recognized in St. Lous, MO; Emil Beck claims to have the title inherited to him when Jones retires in 98 or 99 (The Baltimore Sun, 1904/03/18); Beck loses to Columbus on 1904/03/28 in Baltimore, MD (see below).

Bill Murphy 1894/12/07<
Recognized in Chicago, IL; still champion as of 95/02/15.

Young Muldoon 1901/07/07<
Recognized in Boston, MA; recognized as American champion in Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD; also defeats Frank Huseman on 03/04/09 to be recognized as world champion in Washington, DC.
Columbus (Anthony Wallenofer) 1903/12/04 Baltimore, MD
Also defeats another title claimant Emil Beck on 04/03/28 in Baltimore, MD.

Clarence Boulden 1904/03/25 St. Paul, MN
Defeats Max Luttbeg.

H.W. Titus 1905/01/18<  
Recognized in New York and several other states; still champion as of 05/03/14.

Johnny Billiter 1906/11/13<  
Claims the title in Detroit, MI.

Walter Keegan 1907<
Recognized in Pennsylvania.

George Herbert 1909/04/29<
Claims the title in Newport News, VA.
George Cutlanous 1913 Montreal, QC *
Wins 22-man tournament (The Times Dispatch, Richmond, VA, 14/01/11).
George Herbert [2] 1914/01/16 Richmond, VA
Johnny Cunningham 1915/06/03 Wilmington, NC

Billy Linn 1911/10/02<
Recognized in Iowa.
Vernon Breedlove 1913/05/18<
Claims the title in Council Bluffs, IA; also holds bantamweight title; also recognized in Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Ohio, California, Washington, and most likely other states; also defeats title claimant Will Hurley on 22/05/30 in Clinton, IA (see below); still featherweight champion as of 23/12/19; still/again claims lightweight, featherweight, and bantamweight titles as of 35/04/01.

Harvey Donaldson 1912/11/19<
Claims featherweight and bantamweight titles in Pacific Northwest.
Loyd Erwin Ireland 1914/02/17<
Recognized in Oregon.
Snowball O'Connor 1915/07/09 Centralia, WA
Loyd Erwin Ireland [2] 1917/04/19<
Recognized in Washington, Montana, California, New York, and Pennsylvania; still champion as of 18/01/15.

Young Butters 1913/10/25 Marengo, IA
Defeats Kid Lowe and claims the title.

George Cutlanous 1914/11/03<  
Claims the title in Cincinnati, OH.

Young Hackensmith 1916/01/25<
Holds featherweight and bantamweight titles at the same time; still/again claims both titles as of 28/02/19.

Dynamite Jordan (Young Pappas) 1917/07/12<
Claims the title in Akron, OH.

Chuck Lawson 1919/10/07<
Recognized in Connecticut; still champion as of 20/03/17.

Young Nestor 1920/03/20 Winchendon, MA
Defeats Martin Roch.

Joe Holland 1919/10/03<
Joey Smith 1920/07/19<
Billy Love 1921/04/25 Decatur, IL
Still champion as of 22/04/11.

Jack Finn 1922/02/14<
Will Hurley 1922/02/21 Clinton, IA
Loses to Vernon Breedlove on 22/05/30 in Clinton, IA (see above).

George Londos 1925/06/24<
Recognized in Iowa.
Eddie Beal 1926/03/10<
Claims the title in Des Moines, IA.
Earl Conrad 1934/03/16<
Billed as champion in Ames, IA.

Tod Swindell 1930/06/11<
Billed as champion in Athens, OH.

Doug Henderson 1934/03/21<
Recognized in Texas; vacates in 34/05 for his increasing weight.

Perry Wiley 1940/08<
No longer champion by 40/10/01.

Piqueño Solis 1983/04/30 Apatlaco, MEX
Defeats Lasser to become the first UWA World champion; vacant in 84 when Solis cannot make weight limit.

* See UWA World Featherweight Title.