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Last updated on 2017/10/16

World Lightweight Title
[Michigan & Ohio]

Max Luttbeg 1895/03/25<  
Recognized in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, DC, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, and possibly other states; also defeats title claimants John Billiter on 07/04/29 in Kansas City, KS (see below).

Johnny Billiter1907/03/08Toledo, OH
United States champion defeats William Morrison, billed as English champion, to be recognized as world champion; also defeats Walter Morrison on 07/03/19 to be recognized in Kansas City, KS; loses to Max Luttbeg on on 07/04/29 in Kansas City, KS but continues to claim the title (later regains the claim).
Fred Mitchell1909/02/22<
Claims the title in Battle Creek, MI.
Johnny Billiter [2] 1911/10/31<
Loses to Al Wasem on 11/12/03 in St. Louis, MO but continues to be billed as champion in Ohio and Michigan; defeats Max Luttbeg on 12/03/03 in St. Louis, MO and Al Wasem on 12/04/04 in St. Louis, MO to regain the respective claims; George Bothner is billed as champion in Portsmouth, OH as of 12/09/18; Billiter also defeats another claimant Henry Wirth on 13/03/28 in Battle Creek, MI; Billiter is still/again champion as of 16/02/23; William Hallas is billed as champion in Dover, OH as of 18/03/28.
Steve Graf 1919/01/11 Detroit, MI
Billiter is still/again billed as champion in Sandunsky, OH as of 19/05/03; Graf is still champion in Detroit, MI as of 19/10/29.
Ali Hassan 1921/05/13 Detroit, MI
Wrestles Graf to a half hour draw but starts claiming the title; Graf is no longer billed as champion as of 22/02/19; Hassan still claims the title as of 21/06/13.
Steve Graf * 1924/04<
Earl Conrad 1926
Recognized as champion in 26 (Creston News Advertiser, Creston, IA, 1948/10/08); billed as champion in Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Oregon, and possibly other states; still/again champion as of 37/12/1 and 40/02/01; former champion as of 42/12/12.