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World Heavyweight Title

Danno O'Mahoney 1935/06/27 Boston, MA
Becomes unified world champion; Texas commission orders a rematch after a match against Daniel Boone Savage on 36/02/07 in Houston, TX; stripped by Texas commission in 36/02 for no-showing a title defense against Juan Humberto in Galveston, TX.
Daniel Boone Savage 1936/05/10  
Named champion by Texas commission.
Chief Joe Little Beaver 1937/04/30 Houston, TX
Not the midget wrestler; defeats Carl Davis when Savage leaves the area.
Everett Marshall 1937/05/14 Houston, TX
Also awarded National Wrestling Association title on 38/09/14
Lou Thesz 1939/03/09 St. Louis, MO
Bronko Nagurski 1939/06/23 Houston, TX
Ray Steele 1940/03/07 St. Louis, MO
Bronko Nagurski [2] 1941/03/11 Minneapolis, MN
Sandor Szabo 1941/06/05 St. Louis, MO
Bill Longson 1942/02/19 St. Louis, MO
Yvon Robert 1942/10/07 Montreal, QC, CAN
Bobby Managoff 1942/11/27 Houston, TX
Bill Longson [2] 1943/02/19 St. Louis, MO
Whipper Billy Watson 1947/02/21 St. Louis, MO
Lou Thesz [2] 1947/04/25 St. Louis, MO
Bill Longson [3] 1947/11/21 Houston, TX
Lou Thesz [3] 1948/07/20 Indianapolis, IN
Roy Dunn is recognized as champion in Dallas, TX between 52/12 and 54/05.
Whipper Billy Watson 1956/03/15 Toronto, ON, CAN
Wins by count out.
Lou Thesz [4] 1956/11/09 St. Louis, MO
Dick Hutton 1957/11/14 Toronto, ON, CAN
Pat O'Connor 1959/01/09 St. Louis, MO
Buddy Rogers 1961/06/30 Chicago, IL
Killer Kowalski 1962/11/21 Montreal, QC, CAN
Defeats Rogers after his ankle is broken in first fall; not recognized by NWA; Kowalski is recognized as champion in Texas.
Buddy Rogers [2] 1963/01/21 New York, NY
Lou Thesz [5] 1963/01/24 Toronto, ON
Gene Kiniski 1966/01/07 St. Louis, MO
Dory Funk Jr. 1969/02/11 Tampa, FL
Harley Race 1973/05/24 Kansas City, MO
Jack Brisco 1973/07/20 Houston, TX

* NWA World Heavyweight Title is recognized in Texas until
WCWA World Heavyweight Title is created in 1986/02.