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Last updated on 2018/03/17

National Wrestling Association
World Heavyweight Title

Jim Londos # 1930/06/06 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Dick Shikat for New York State Athletic Commission World title and is also recognized by National Boxing Association; at the annual convention on 30/09/16, NBA agrees to create National Wrestling Association but does not recognize any world heavyweight champion despite the previous decision made by NBA.
Jim Londos 1931/09/30
Officially recognized by the members of National Wrestling Association; stripped of the NYSAC World Title on 32/09/30 but continues to be recognized by NWA; pinned by Joe Savoldi on 33/04/07 in Chicago, IL; Savoldi later loses to the New York champion Jim Browing; Londos defeats Browning on 34/06/25 in New York, NY to unify the New York Title.
Danno O'Mahoney 1935/06/27 Boston, MA
Defeats Ed Don George on 35/07/30 in Boston, MA to unify AWA World Title and becomes the Unified World Heavyweight champion; loses to Dick Shikat on 36/03/02 in New York, NY but continues to be recognized by AWA in Boston; NWA title is declared vacant in 36/09.
Dean Detton 1936/10/08 St. Louis, MO
Has defeated a title claimant Dave Levin on 36/09/28 in Philadelphia, PA; has also defeated Ed "Strangler" Lewis and Ali Baba earlier in the year; awarded the recognition as the first NWA champion since Danno O'Mahoney this day; recognition later withdrawn.
John Pesek 1937/09/12  
Awarded with a condition to defend the title against either Everett Marshall or Bronko Nagurski within six months; stripped on 38/08/16 for failure to defened against "worthy opponents".
Everett Marshall 1938/09/14  
Awarded at the 1938 annual meeting.
Lou Thesz 1939/02/23 St. Louis, MO
Bronko Nagurski 1939/06/23 Houston, TX
Ray Steele 1940/03/07 St. Louis, MO
Bronko Nagurski [2] 1941/03/11 Minneapolis, MN
Sandor Szabo 1941/06/05 St. Louis, MO
Bill Longson 1942/02/19 St. Louis, MO
Yvon Robert 1942/10/07 Montreal, QC, CAN
Bobby Managoff 1942/11/27 Houston, TX
Bill Longson [2] 1943/02/19 St. Louis, MO
Whipper Billy Watson 1947/02/21 St. Louis, MO
Lou Thesz [2] 1947/04/25 St. Louis, MO
Bill Longson [3] 1947/11/21 Houston, TX
Lou Thesz [3] 1948/07/20 Indianapolis, IN
Unified with National Wrestling Alliance World title on 49/11/27.

* See National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Title.