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Last updated on 2013/01/08

American Wrestling Association
World Heavyweight Title

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Ed "Strangler" Lewis 28/02/21 St. Louis, MO
Wins the World Heavyweight title, defeating Joe Stecher on 28/02/21 in St. Louis, MO.
Gus Sonnenberg 29/01/04 Boston, MA
Ed Don George 30/12/10 Los Angeles, CA
Ed "Strangler" Lewis [2] 31/04/14 Los Angeles, CA
Henri Deglane 31/05/04 Montreal, QC
Wins by DQ after allegedly being bitten; recognized in Boston and Montreal as AWA champion; Lews still recognizd in California.
Ed Don George [2] 33/02/09 Boston, MA
Danno O'Mahoney 35/07/30 Boston, MA
Reigning NYSAC and National Wrestling Association World champion, defeats Ed Don George on 35/07/30 to be the Unified World Heavyweight champion; loses to Dick Shikat on 36/03/02 in New York, NY but continues to be recognized as champion by AWA.
Yvon Robert 36/07/16 Montreal, QC
Stripped in 37/12 for not defending against Lou Thesz.
Lou Thesz 37/12/29 St. Louis, MO
Defeats Everette Marshall and is presented the AWA title.
Steve Casey 38/02/11 Boston, MA
Marv Westenberg 39/03/02 Boston, MA
Gus Sonnenberg [2] 39/03/16 Boston, MA
Steve Casey [2] 39/03/29 Boston, MA
Ed Don George [3] 39/04/18 Albany, NY
Steve Casey [3] 39/11/03 Buffalo, NY
French Angel 40/05/13 Boston, MA
Steve Casey [4] 42/05/14 Boston, MA
French Angel [2] 44/08/01 San Francisco, CA
Steve Casey [5] 44/08/15 San Francisco, CA
Casey goes to the U.S. Army; Sandor Szabo emerges from a series of elimination bouts as the duration world champion; Casey defeats Szabo in the consolidation match on 45/04/04 in Boston, MA.
Sandor Szabo 45/04/25 Boston, MA
Frank Sexton 45/05/02 Boston, MA
Steve Casey [6] 45/06/06 Boston, MA
Frank Sexton [2] 45/06/27 Boston, MA
Also wins Maryland version of the world title, defeating Babe Sharkey on 46/01/29 in Baltimore, MD.
Don Eagle 50/05/23 Cleveland, OH
Gorgeous George 50/05/26 Chicago, IL
Eagle continues to defend the title in Chicago; George loses to National Wrestling Alliance champion Lou Thesz on 50/07/27 in Chicago, IL (AWA title not on line).
Don Eagle [2] 50/08/31 Columbus, OH
Vacant in 52/11 when Eagle is inactive due to back injuries.

* Replaced with AWA Eastern Heavyweight Title.

* See also Ohio branch.

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