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Last updated on 2010/08/05

World Heavyweight Title

Jim Londos 30/06/06 Philadelphia, PA
Defeats Dick Shikat to win National Boxing Association World Heavyweight Wrestling Title; defeats Jim Browing on 34/06/25 in New York, NY to unify New York State Athletic Commission World title.
Danno O'Mahoney 35/06/27 Boston, MA
Wins AWA (Boston) World Title, defeating Ed Don George on 35/07/30 in Boston, MA, to become unified world champion.
Dick Shikat 36/03/02 New York, NY
Ali Baba 36/04/25 Detroit, MI
Dave Levin 36/06/12 Newark, NJ
Defeats Baba by DQ and claims the title.
Dean Detton 36/09/28 Philadelphia, PA
Has also defeated Ed Stranler Lewis in a title tournament final earlier in the year in Philadelphia, PA.
Bronko Nagurski 37/06/29 Minneapolis, MN
Recognized by The Ring as the true world champion.
Jim Londos [2] 38/11/18 Philadelphia, PA

Bobby Managoff 43/02/22 Texas
Dispute win over National Wrestling Association champion Bill Longson.
Yvon Robert *
Sandor Szabo 44 *
Len Hall 46/12/10 Minneapolis, MN
Sandor Szabo [2] 46/12/17 Minneapolis, MN
Cliff Gustafson 47/04/22 Minneapolis, MN
Sandor Szabo [3] 47/06/17 Minneapolis, MN
Bronko Nagurski 48/03/23 Minneapolis, MN
Sandor Szabo [4] 48/06/01 Minneapolis, MN
Cliff Gustafson [2] 48/06/22 Minneapolis, MN
Vacant on 49/05/21 when Gustafson retires.
Orville Brown 49/09  
Awarded the National Wrestling Alliance World Title when NWA is founded in 48/07; recognized in Minneapolis after 49/09.
Lou Thesz 49/11/27
Unifies following titles to become the unified world champion:
Whipper Billy Watson 56/03/15 Toronto, ON
Wins by count out.
Lou Thesz [2] 56/11/09 St. Louis, MO
Dick Hutton 57/11/14 Toronto, ON
Pat O'Connor 59/01/09 St. Louis, MO
Recognized as the first AWA World Heavyweight Champion in 60/05, but given 90 days to defend the title against Verne Gagne or be stripped.
Verne Gagne 60/08/16
Awarded after O'Connor fails to defend the title against Gagne.

* See AWA World Heavyweight Title.

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